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SkillGalaxy online staffing marketplace helps employers hire contingent workers, freelancers and permanent candidates with minimal supplier and technology management burdens.


Hire contractors and permanent candidates using online staffing platform


  • Hire Temporary Workers & Freelancers
  • Leverage Large Supplier Network
  • Post Jobs to Social Media & Free Job Sites
  • Engage Recruiters to Find Candidates
  • On-Demand and Powerful Hiring Service

Enterprise Solutions

Supply temporary worker and refer permanent candidates


  • Supply Temporary Workers
  • Find Permanent Candidates for a Fee


Find jobs and contract work


  • Find Temporary Positions
  • Find Freelance and Offshore Work
  • Find Permanent Jobs


Our Clients

10 Reasons Why Employers Love SkillGalaxy

10 Reasons Why Employers Love SkillGalaxy

SkillGalaxy-Center-241. Single Service for All Talent Acquisition Needs

Wouldn’t you love the convenience of managing all hiring, contract and permanent, through one service? SkillGalaxy is an all-in-one service that streamlines your entire hiring process and allows a single point of contact for all your hiring needs. Hire 1099 contractors and temporary workers from a national network of staffing suppliers, engage professional recruiters to find candidates, or post free jobs directly to high quality job applicants. Stop the frustration of managing multiple solutions and hundreds of suppliers and let SkillGalaxy provide you state-of-the-art functionality to hire the way you want from a single staffing hub.

SkillGalaxy-Center-242. Hire and Manage Temporary Contractors

Post your requisitions to independent contractors and staffing suppliers and receive high quality resumes competing to fill your position within hours. You can schedule interviews, request information, rate candidates, and perform collaborated recruiting and volume hiring. With SkillGalaxy’s powerful, built-in VMS functionality, you can hire candidates and manage them through the entire hiring cycle.

SkillGalaxy-Center-243. Get Help from Thousands of Professional Recruiters to Find Candidates

The SkillGalaxy network contains over 1000 registered independent recruiters and staffing agencies that compete to find you high quality candidates for a fee. You determine your own hiring fee, either fixed or based on the candidate’s salary. Within hours you will have a list of candidates. Post your jobs today to begin your journey of cost-effective recruiting or call us to discuss our full RPO benefits.

SkillGalaxy-Center-244. Leverage a Large and Diverse Candidate and Supplier Pool

SkillGalaxy manages over 2000 staffing suppliers, ranging from niche consulting companies, large staffing suppliers, offshore service providers and diversity supplier companies covering most geographical regions and industries. Employers can also engage their existing vendors as a preferred vendor under their account to leverage their existing supplier-base.

SkillGalaxy provides access to a large pool of 1099 contractors and permanent job seekers with experience in diverse skills and industry verticals.

SkillGalaxy-Center-245. State-Of-The-Art Functionality and Enterprise-Grade Technology

SkillGalaxy employs an on-demand, unique and powerful technology system that helps employers manage their staffing and recruiting, whether centralized or fragmented. Through their accounts, employers can provide access to hiring managers, recruiters, staffing managers, decision makers, and accounting personnel and streamline their staffing project-wise.

SkillGalaxy-Center-246. Expensive? Set Your Own Price and Pay Only After Hire

The payment of staffing fees is like ordering off the recruitment a la Carte menu. Sign up fee? Job posting fee? Stop paying any fees and join SkillGalaxy for free. You only pay after a successful hire and you determine the hiring fee for every permanent hire. SkillGalaxy also tilts the demand and supply equation to employer’s favor by keeping the supply higher.

SkillGalaxy-Center-247. Dedicated Hiring Support Team

The SkillGalaxy team has a diverse and experienced background in the recruitment and staffing industry. We continuously find new and better ways to improve the SkillGalaxy experience and our friendly support team is always available to answer your questions and concerns.

SkillGalaxy-Center-248. Flexible and Efficient Reporting

Get the insight of your hiring through our powerful reporting capabilities. Compile OFCCP reports, detailed summaries, and project reports based on department, location, or other specific criteria. Know who & how of your hires and what & why of your payments.

SkillGalaxy-Center-249. A Modern On-Demand Service

SkillGalaxy provides full VMS services, including detailed time, expense, and approval management tools to ensure a streamlined and simple process. We are a cloud based on-demand system designed to meet your needs from requisition to payments. Use us for hiring on a case-to-case basis or as a complete and dedicated VMS/MSP and RPO.

SkillGalaxy-Center-2410. Money Back Guarantee

All candidates hired on a permanent basis are backed by our 60 day 100% money back guarantee. During the first 60 days, if a candidate voluntarily leaves the client or if the client dismisses the candidate due to performance reasons, SkillGalaxy will refund the hiring fee paid by the client or provide a replacement candidate of the client’s choice.

We also provide performance guarantee for the temporary workers hired through SkillGalaxy.