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Mr. Foote has twenty-five (25) years IT experience and is a seasoned Senior Consultant (PMP and Master Six Sigma Black Belt) at both the program and project levels with full control of $2-800M budgets and teams of 5-500 working on Development, Application, Infrastructure, and Process Improvement efforts.  These include all facets of the enterprise, from HR, to Finance, to Marketing, to BI.  In his current position he serves as corporate Portfolio Officer, with 37 direct reports, and is responsible for maintaining client satisfaction while maintaining company profitability.  His expertise is driving initiatives from inception through delivery with a focus on quality and client satisfaction. In addition, he also performs as a “Project Stabilization” specialist. The majority of efforts are at the program level, consulting on multi-year efforts and with direct reports including multiple layers of project managers as part of the program effort.  He has extensive experience with SDLC, Agile, RUP, SCRUM, XP, ITIL, QA, TQM, Infrastructure, Acquisitions, Integrations, PMO, and CMM level 5 projects.  He has worked with various project management methodologies (Agile, Waterfall, Gated Release, RUP, PMBOK) and has expert or teaching status with various tools (MS Project [and server], MS Office, Visio, Documentum, SharePoint, AutoCAD, MindJet, Clarity, Planview, Minitab, Mercury, Documentum, and others). He has managed multiple, simultaneous projects with full responsibility for all components, documents, resources, risks, scope and changes, plans, communications, and deliverables, including all phases from conception to delivery. He maintains consistency in the application of processes and procedures to assure quality.  In the majority of cases this means working with the PMO and sponsors to assure a quality delivery of all components, in adherence with client standards and processes.  In doing this he has worked with multiple teams, internal and external, on shore and off shore in multiple locations to assure quality and a thorough understanding of project status.  According to client process he reports to senior management (sometimes at C-level) on status (progress, risks, and Issues) and constant tracking of budget. He facilitates meetings relating to project risks, issues, scope, deliverables, quality and best practices, and progress. He develops and maintains documents and project repositories. According to client internal authority, he resolves issues, escalates them when necessary, and provides input to or leads discussions or negotiations with affected third parties as part of the resolution process.

 He also has above average knowledge of MS groups of OS software (Desktop and Server), and with Unix.  He has experience (hands on) with .NET, JAVA, C++, HTML, VHTML, XHTML, SQL, and VB. On the infrastructure side he has managed data center projects with multiple types of OS and varying server sizes. He possesses excellent leadership, relationship-building, and communications skills, and has been responsible for all project and program management components. He provides a formal mentoring environment for both Senior PMs, and those who are challenged with difficult assignments.





Broken Oak Services, Ltd.                                                                               August 2002 – Present

Senior Consultant/Project Manager (internal and external function as Program Officer) (BOS provides professional business consulting, business advice, IT consulting, and contract services to selected end clients. Focus is on QA, PMO Practices, Process Improvement, and Corporate Change Management.  BOS personnel perform at the expert level the full range of project and process management deliverables normally associated with a Senior PM, including full budget and staff authority on multi million dollar projects. Total staff is between 60 and 80. BOS is geographically diverse, with most resources in North America.  The client base includes operations in Europe and in Asia Pacific.  Special emphasis is placed on development of unique fast track solutions for BOS clients.)


For convenience, work within BOS has been grouped by Industry or Project types.  In many cases, a BOS consultant will be responsible for several mid-sized projects or a single large program effort in addition to their internal assignments.  In addition, all projects shown here (unless otherwise indicated) include a high level consultation with client executive and delivery management staff to ascertain the relationship between the business, process, and delivery requirements. Those items usually become the core of the SOW between BOS and the end client.


Infrastructure, Application and Processes development, conversion and migration, upgrade and delivery. (DC & Application Migration; ITIL; Lean Process; M&P; TQM, Supply Chain, and Change Management) [Major Banking Clients include JPMChase; CitiBank; CitiCard; First National (State); and several smaller regional retail banks. Some work includes personal banking and investment banking with some of the above and others.]


Major Mobile Telecom Company – Conversion and migration and consolidation of All Client Data Centers [Emphasis on solutions and process, served as Lead Program/Project manager. Conversion and migration of all client applications relating into new hardware and data centers.  Included all infrastructure design, build, and testing.  Also, included significant (but not full) process analysis and formal documentation, and full change management control to incorporate application and process changes. Average number of racks per original (5) centers was 230, target centers (3) were about 400 each utilizing a virtual environment. Responsible for coordination of all engineering, planning, and execution. Directly responsible for creation of project plans and change management control plans, and execution thereof. Project duration slightly over 8 months on a fast track effort utilizing SCRUM as the primary methodology for delivery..


Major Retail and Commercial Bank, – Infrastructure server and application relocation and installation [Emphasis on solutions at the infrastructure layer, but required changes and/or upgrades (conversion and migrations) to existing software applications and processes. [Wrote new M&P]  Utilized varied disciplines including SDLC, SCRUM, and PMBOK to achieve timely solutions. Multiple projects included in overall scope – Major Driver was Merger related.]

  • Consulted as the Technical Project Manager and BA on-site for multiple server and application relocation and installation projects of moderate size but unusually high complexity. 
  • Managed 4-6 projects simultaneously with budgets of $2 to $7M each and teams of 10 to 40.
  • Managed 3 programs to upgrade software and processes involving retail credit card business.
  • Upgraded and migrated two major internal client management applications to new platforms.
  • Total responsibility for a complete change of process and conversion and migration to new IT solution (internal).
  • Charged with providing a delivery focused high flexibility methodology to compensate for initial client process instability and policy gaps during corporate transition.
  • Responsible for creation of business cases and all related funding documents, and control of resulting budget. I also created formal documentation for all test plans; quality control plans; and the documentation and execution of the implementation processes, including raising standards and practices to meet ITIL certification requirements.


Major Retail and Commercial Bank – [Programs involved both infrastructure and software development (SDLC, SCRUM or RUP).  Provided hands on work as needed within each program.] Emphasis not just on IT but also on M&P and formal process changes to achieve improvements in quality. Basic project drivers related to recent Acquisition and a pending merger with another financial institution and competitive issues involving existing client facing applications.

  • Served as Program Manager, Technical Project Manager, BA for multiple moderate to large Infrastructure and new Client facing Application SDLC initiatives with full control of budgets up to $47M and cross functional teams of 18-50 stakeholders. Interface and reporting included C level executives – sometimes face to face and one on one.
  • Developed all internal and external formal documentation and secured funding for business cases at the program level. (This includes all fazes of  QA, Testing, training, change management, solution implementation, and lights on hand off,
  • Completed projects and managed programs involving upgrades and migration of advanced international customer focused WEB applications relating to credit card accounts and all related middleware and back end processing. One project involved advanced risk management applications and fraud control.
  • Completed complex, enterprise wide projects with focus on Voice, Data, Network, EDI, VOIP and TCP/IP, (some global in nature).  Most work included transitioning to new services, technologies and customer focused improvements involving conversion and migration to new software tools along with formal process change.
  • Handled quality control functions including the development and execution (or oversight) of all test plans, the development and execution of quality control plans, and documentation and execution of the implementation processes.



Health Care and Related Insurance: (Major Clients include: BCBS Wellpoint, BCBS California; Nationwide; Prudential; and others)


Major Insurance Company – PeopleSoft CRM upgrade (with HR and Finance module modifications as the result of a recent Acqusition) with program stabilization. High level program responsibility with emphasis on delivery of a working software solution(s) impacting CRM application, customer facing WEB access, and marketing partner EDI and GUI interfaces. [Utilization of DMIAC, PMBOK, Waterfall and SCRUM. Two  KAIZEN sessions. Additional responsibility related to physical delivery of product (hard copy customer specific documents) in a timely manner.  Hands on daily work with developers and business partners.]

  • Engaged to stabilize a project involving PeopleSoft CRM development for 8 Call Centers using VOIP technology with a budget of $3.25M and team of 48 stakeholders.  Translation of client corporate goals to processes, methods and procedures with all related documentation..  Documentation of all Use Cases and Work Templates. Addition of HR and Finance Module modifications to complete business requirements and process changes.
  • As BA and Sr. PM, Discovered, Designed, and Implemented additional components to the management systems to address the need for an improved personnel management process.  Improved accounting for PTO, Absenteeism, Family Leave and redistribution of assets in connection with work load. Significant links with HR and compliance for handicapped rules.
  • Served as a PM and BA to re-establish scope, formalize requirements, create formal processes for development, testing and delivery of solutions.  Led both the Technical and User Acceptance Test teams through the entire conversion and migration process.
  • Managed and mentored a staff of 8 FTEs and 15 FCEs.
  • Delivered over 35K lines of code through an aggressive multiple release process of 1 release every 2 weeks throughout a 4 month period
  • Significantly improved and documented methods related to QA; Testing; and Change Management.
  • Managed a very hostile vendor relations environment and a 6 person vendor development team.
  • Made changes to the infrastructure environment, improved the database structure, and upgraded the existing Service Desk, creation of formal written practices and changes to infrastructure to meet ITIL certification requirements.
  • Developed and Executed a complete Knowledge Transfer process covering all vendors and PM knowledge to existing client staff and management. (With supporting documentation and training.)



Major Insurance Company – Application and Data Base Consolidation (Merger) - SDLC and conversion and migration of multiple existing healthcare and life solutions and data bases to new structure. Program level responsibility with emphasis on delivery of software solution(s) and conversion and migration processes supporting product delivery. [Utilization of both DMIAC and PMBOK, with SCRUM for selected components of the Software Development Processes.  Hands on daily work with developers, business partners, and IT infrastructure management.]

  • Stabilized existing project effort on $12.3M budget in less than 90 days while dealing with a very hostile team environment. (Upon assignment, project was 2.3 times beyond original budget and 18 months past due.)
  • Prioritized and documented new delivery and testing schedule with buy-in from all key decision makers and sponsors.  Re-baselined entire project; schedule, deliverables, and budget.  Reassigned all work accordingly.
  • Restructured and documented all development and user related tests, both hardware and software, and formalized test and acceptance procedures.
  • Lead team of 100+ including local client FTE/FCE and multiple vendor off-shore resources. 
  • Created, documented, and implemented improvements regarding the work intake and change control processes.
  • Restructured work assignment and communication processes – including delivery of product to end clients. 
  • Reduced internal cycle time to 65% of previous levels.
  • Executed extensive knowledge transfer covering all components of applications and process changes.
  • Completed deliverables and transferred responsibilities to junior PM to carry out remaining project plan administrative tasks once ready for go-live.  Audited all results and documents. 



Government related projects.


Children Services organizations at the County Levels.

  • Design and implementation of a very large, multi building wide area network and voice communications system.  Including all vendor relations, Bid Management, interface with Legal and Executive stakeholders, risk analysis and mitigation, budget control and reporting.
  • Head team to develop and initiate changes to processes relating to delivery of services and case communications.


911 Implementation programs at multiple locations across a 4 state area. (Full project management control of all efforts)


School District Wide Area Networks and Communications Systems at multiple locations across 6 states.  (Full project control from concept to delivery.  Includes all phases of programs – reporting directly to School Boards, Superintendents, and District CFO, with assist to Legal.  Improved accounting for PTO, Absenteeism, Family Leave and redistribution of assets and substitutes in connection with work load. Implemented additional systems to assist with special handicapped students.


Consultant at the program level for debit “benefit” card processes.



Special Activities; Process Improvement; Change Management and Unique Assignments..


Enterprise wide new process development and upgraded methodology for a 300+ employee Software Development Company. (Merger of two software development companies)  Utilizing Six Sigma DMIAC process and Leading a 3 person BOS and 6 person Client team through three  KAIZEN sessions, I was able to complete the entire assignment about 2 weeks ahead of a very aggressive schedule, and well within budget. [Daily Hands on work with business partners and client workforce.]

  • Completely restructured the existing PMOs into a single and improved unit.
  • Update all documentation for compliance with CMMi Level 5.
  • Update all existing processes and re-train all internal Project and Technical Managers
  • Full conversion and migration to new software tools related to process definition, delivery and management.


Upgrade of legacy systems related to retail credit and corporate POS systems.  (Two Different Clients)

  • Full development of improved applications for legacy mainframe systems
  • Company wide roll out of all changes – including new POS hardware and software.
  • Improvement of enterprise data and voice networks, with upgrade of network hardware and services.
  • Corporate wide training on new processes.


New Concept; Business Model, Charter, and Funding – US Virgin Islands [Hands on work with all executive level client members.]

  • Analyzed scope and delivery methods regarding $450M effort in USVI.  Six Sigma Lean Processes.
  • Delivered formal project documents, including WBS and Detailed Process Plans. 
  • Assisted in re-establishing investor relations; chaired joint investor/development meetings, and assisted with related government documents as needed.
  • Advisor to legal counsel.


Provide senior level PM and PMO advisory and review for a Multiple Data Center(s) upgrade and migration effort for a major Telecom end client in the Pacific Northwest. [SOW - Forsythe Solutions] Six Sigma Lean used to help improve the existing processes.

  • Review and recommendation on deliverables and project plans, (including review of contracts and charter documents)
  • Create new client PMO artifacts and processes, and development of opportunities at both the Vendor and End Client levels. 
  • Development and presentation of all related Corporate Change Management processes, along with mentorship role relating to Directors and Managers impacted by change and implementation of new migration processes.
  • Formal C and E level interface with end client.
  • Formal program and project risk evaluation and management responsibilities.



Application Development; New Processes; Change Management and Implementation:


Major Retail Bank and Credit Card Providers; eBusiness applications and support technology; high level PMO and portfolio activity. Emphasis not just on IT but also on M&P and formal process changes to achieve improvements in quality. Driving force behind program was multiple acquisitions of smaller credit organizations.


  • Engaged at the program and project level for multiple SDLC, Infrastructure, Call Center Rollouts, VOIP improvements, and CRM initiatives. Improvements to older systems using new CTI applications and equipment. Translation of corporate goals to processes, and processes to Business requirements then to technical requirements, and all requirements to a formal set of testing processes and documents. All Projects included all of the BI systems including HR and Finance.
  • Managed full project/program scope, resource, budget, forecasting, reporting and risk analysis for all projects.
  • Built and delivered 6 call centers with 300-500 seats that were fully staffed and operational within 9 months, which was ahead of schedule and $18M under budget.  This effort included a team of 10 PMs reporting directly to me and over 500 stakeholders.
  • Served as Program Manager with budgets of $30-55M for Infrastructure projects utilizing Waterfall methodology with virtual teams in multiple locations and included voice, data, CTI, VOIP, TCP/IP and related builds for CRM (Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP).
  • ITIL improvement to certification levels and resulting in the roll out of an Enterprise Wide Asset Management Application for all regional locations. With resulting enterprise change control.
  • Served as Senior Technical IT PM for managing 3-5 software development projects simultaneously and utilizing SDLC with estimated hours of 3700-5900 with a scheduled release gate.
  • Provided Leadership on Best Practices; QA; and Project Audits to improve internal processes.
  • Responsible for all project documentation company standards (CMM Level 3 or better).


Telecom; SDLC, Infrastructure provisioning, VOIP and HW upgrades, IVR, new product rollout and CS M&P. [Program level responsibility with special hands on for software development using dot.NET, Java, and in-house methodology for data base design and access.  Some RUP employed in relation to vendor supplied software applications.] Emphasis not just on IT but also on MOP and formal process changes to achieve improvements in quality.


  • Engaged as Technical Project Manager on multiple projects with budget of $1.7M for internal staff and contractors with teams of 38 stakeholders and 4 separate vendor/supplier teams of 8-15. 
  • Led procedures to translate corporate goals to CRM processes, and assisted in negotiation with outsource providers of Customer Centric Call Center operations.  Worked with legal to develop SLA contract language and reporting process – along with financial and technical considerations.
  • Provisioned, or managed the provisioning of all internal and external voice and data hardware and their related network connections (POTS to OC48) and EDI.
  • Worked to develop and test multiple IVR solutions for various call centers and different applications and languages.
  • Led multiple OSS for nationwide rollouts of new pre-paid wireless mobile services program and incorporating into the existing Stored Value Platform.
  • Oversight of project wide test plans and execution as well as testing and verification of SAP CRM & Supply Chain systems installed by multiple business partners. 
  • Senior Project Manager involving roll out of new pre-paid “debit card” cell phones.
  • Managed Sarbanes-Oxley related issues


Telecom Industry; eBusiness; EDI; Non-Disclosure effort related to new technology (scientific improvement) [Software development utilizing XP] Driving force was the divestiture of a small segment of legacy technical services.

  • Charged with driving the $22M effort that involved development of new technology (hard science and related OS) for the delivery of specific business services on newly designed and implemented communications transportation levels for secure business voice/data networks on a global scale.


Business Process Improvements and New Product Rollout for Combined Retail and Service industry.  (A similar project was completed for a small private group of 12 gas stations.)

  • Introduced new POS (hardware and software) and vastly improved entire Supply Chain using Six Sigma Lean processes.
  • Led conversion and migration process to implement changes and supporting software.
  • Improved bottom-line profits immediately by 31% in first 2 months which was 6% above forecast.
  • Introduced a small SAP application to link CRM and Supply Chain.

SDLC for Customer Billing (Multi-state Utility)

  • Consulted as the Technical (IT Development) PM for 8-16 SDLC projects simultaneously with teams of 8-15 and estimated hours of 1700-3750. 
  • Managed SDLC processes associated with bringing multiple projects to completion using an internal methodology akin to RUP.
  • Coordinated regional and local efforts of multiple virtual teams with heavy utilization of RUP type processes and tools.


Insurance Services - Voice CPE migration [Program level responsibility, mostly infrastructure with some changes to system software applications using SCRUM methodology] Project driver was the acquisition of a small regional provider that required significant effort to merge into overall M&P.

  • Managed project team of 42 including vendor, delivery and stakeholders.
  • Handled all facets of Design, Bid, Negotiation, Managed Delivery, and Certified Instillation of a 350-line PABX and Call Center predictive dialing operation involving Avaya, Nortel and LAN applications.  VOIP included in overall processes.


Regional Bank – Infrastructure and Change Management [Mostly infrastructure using SDLC/PMBOK “Waterfall” process, driven by Six Sigma methodology. Software application changes were managed using SDLC processes.]

  • Charged with High Level Program/Project Management including staff of 42 in the delivery areas, 15 contributing business stakeholders, 7 in change management and testing areas, unquantifiable resources in software development areas, and 5-8 vendor PMs.
  • Asset management project of significant size, involving new application roll out for all regional locations. With resulting enterprise change control to meet industry secure and ITIL certification standards.
  • Focused on a variety of initiatives including wide and local area network (WAN/LAN) design and implementation of new physical infrastructure; Change Management processes; major change out of Voice Telecom systems and related IT operations; relocation and upgrade of IT operations infrastructure; conversion and migration of (2) call center 800 number applications; changes to account information database structure; and introduction of new CRM software replacing CTI with VOIP, or significant improvement to existing CTI applications (including all related training programs).



Internal BOS – general assignments


  • Update internal PMO Templates and Process Documents.  Maintain CMM standards.
  • Internal trainer for PMI, Six Sigma, and emerging methodologies.
  • Contract Negotiations and Client Communications
  • Internal “Critical Client Solutions” team lead.
  • Selection and Delivery of internal Training Programs and Courses
  • Served as Director of HR for internal and contract resources and contracts.
  • Official Corporate Spokesperson



Qwest Communications                                                                                    November 1999 – September 2002

Senior (Lead) Project/Program Manager

  • Responsible for project management of enterprise wide provisioning operations and coordination of special complex customer solutions and modifications to delivery process for projects in the $5-20M annual revenue ranges. 
  • Responsibility for Data Center Conversion and migration and Consolidation and Data Base Consolidation relating to over 50 acquired companies.
  • Responsible for a team of 17 involved in the conversion and migration of activity from multiple legacy systems to new improved software tools.
  • Involved with all types of circuits and supporting hardware (including CO switches) and multi-departmental matrix management techniques to help set and meet highly specialized customer and corporate schedules and expectations. 
  • Managed a variety of projects including VOIP, TCP/IP, T1, T3, and Optical Bandwidth and Client Specific Applications, including Direct TV Backbone. 
  • Created special processes and formal documentation for each effort, including special delivery process change documentation and related delivery team training.
  • Given authority to handle significant customer and intercompany contact and negotiations with binding impact on company.
  • Met all assigned objectives and 20% of projects were delivered ahead of schedule. 
  • Directly responsible for decision of major wholesale customer to award Qwest the status of “preferred vendor” based on superior standards of project management and delivery, regarded as a full client “save” and a 180-degree turn around.
  • Participated in core team for new product roll-outs and changes to existing processes.
  • Assisted in the pre-sales product, process, and legal reviews of customer contracts.



Information Matrix Services                                                                          June 1982 – November 1999

 (IMS provided formal business and process consulting, engineering, and project delivery services to end client customers through its own staff and through contract employees reporting to IMS managers. Although, the client base was national in scope, some of the work was completed in the international arena. While I was not one of the original employees, my ultimate responsibilities involved service on, and ultimately leadership of, the 6 person executive committee helping to create and execute long term company business decisions.)

Officer/Senior Consultant/PMO – [Responsible For:] (38 FT employees reporting through 8 senior managers, PLUS 12 part time or project related employees; and over 200 FT active contractors with a direct support staff of 3) (1) In addition to all general management and Project/Program Management Officer duties (Company Portfolio Management and Prioritization); (2) I personally designed and successfully managed 23 major ($3MM to $20MM) network, infrastructure, system conversion and migration and upgrade projects for client base while meeting or bettering time and budget objectives. Many of these had multiple locations and integrated distributed networks.  Others included call center applications, and/or general business process changes. (3) IMS also worked with end clients in the areas of Business & Delivery Process Engineering and Re-engineering.  This generally included Solution Designs, Capability Research, GAP Analysis, Business Advice and Consulting, and Implementation Planning and Execution. 


Education & Certification


  • Bachelor coursework in Industrial Design -University of Illinois
  • Project Management Professional – PMI
  • Master Certificate, Six Sigma Black Belt (w/Lean Process addition) - Villa Nova University


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