Is The Resume Obsolete In Todays Social Media Intense Recruiting World?

In todays job market, employers are focusing more than ever on how potential candidates build and promote their personal brands: number of Twitter followers, LinkedIn recommendations, and top Google search results. Social media is increasingly being integrated into the time-honored process of resume review, pre-screening, and interviewing. Over 90% of US companies use social media in a recruiting capacity, but some companies are using this outlet as an opportunity for candidates to promote their skills and creativity.

Many computer science, engineering, or game production companies offer contests allowing potential candidates to showcase their skills in a manner directly related to a position rather than applying the position directly to their past experience on a resume. This type of challenge based recruiting allows hiring managers to evaluate up and coming talent and enables the candidate to get a first-hand look at the corporate culture.

Is the resume obsolete?

The short answer is no. Resumes will always be used as an initial screening format in some capacity or format to evaluate candidates in the workplace. It’s a time consuming process, but the greatest indicator of what an individual is capable of producing in a corporate environment. The “gamification” of recruiting” works ideally for specific creative endeavors or entry-level candidates with no experience and it has drawbacks as it only produces a snapshot of work potential in comparison to the detailed book of information in a well-crafted resume.

Social media tools such as a corporate blog, Twitter feed, or Facebook page are ideal in illuminating the corporate brand to consumers and potential employees, but the process of recruiting is best left to RPO specialists who can provide a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective staffing solution on a daily basis. Its the employees of a company that make a company great and companies must take great care in who they hire and how they hire., Online Staffing Marketplace