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·         Over 6+ years of experience in developing Banking and financial solutions

·         progressively responsible position at Fixed Income Securities, Money Market, Foreign Exchange, REPO, Funding Swap, Interest Rate swap and Derivatives assignments

·         Extensive experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Testing of distributed applications using Object oriented analysis and design (OOAD) using java and Microsoft Technologies methodology with good organizational and communication skills.

·         Experience in developing internet/intranet and Web Based Applications using Java and J2EE

·         Experience in developing Front-end screens using Java Swings.

·         Familiar with all aspects of technology projects including Business Requirements, Technical Architecture, Design Specification, Development, Implementation and Deployment.

·         Extensive experience with Oracle 10g database and MySQL database.

·         Extensive experience working with SQL and PL/SQL

·         Experience in using Tomcat 5.x, Web Sphere and Weblogic web server

·         Extensive experience in developing dynamic pages using servlets and jsps.

·         Using Rational Rose enterprise Manager for creating ER Diagrams, Class Diagrams, USECASES, Sequence Diagrams and Package level Diagrams.

·         Experience in using Clear quest.

·         Involved in requirement gathering, prototype designing and documentation for various projects

·         Designed reports using FLEX and Action Script by taking information from XML.

·         Good Knowledge in GUI design and development using HTML, XML,DHML

·         Extension work on version control tools Clear Case, Intellect-Vault.

·         Extensive knowledge working with TOAD, Pl/SQL developer, Eclipse, Jasper Report, IntelliJ IDEA and Developer 2000.

·         Extensive experience using Virtual request for Bug tracking

·         Experience in Load runner for performance Testing

·         Extensive development in Unix, Windows NT/98/2000/XP

·         Worked as Business Analyst, Senior Software Engineer and Developer in various projects.

·         Excellent analytical and programming skills, good communication and interpersonal skills.

·         Can initiate work, work alone or play a pivotal role in a team; Quick learner, always learn new technologies.



§         Master of Management studies from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani, India. (One among India’s Top 3 Institutes)                                                                                                                                                2002


Attended Finance domain training, UML design training at Polaris.





Software Engineering:         Waterfall Software Lifecycle

Operating Systems:              Sun Solaris, Linux, Windows NT, Windows 2000

Design Tools:                        Rational Rose UML

Languages:                            Java, Java Swing, PL/SQL, C and VB

J2EE Technologies:             JNDI, JDBC, JMS, EJB, Log4J, JUnit

Web Technologies:             JSP, Servlets, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XSL, XSLT, Java Script, XSL FO

XML Technologies:            XML, XSLT, XPath, DTD, XML Schema, SAX, DOM

Frameworks:                          Struts, Spring, Hibernate, AJAX

Application Servers:            Weblogic 6.1, webSphere, Tomcat

Databases:                             Oracle 8i/9i, Sybase, My SQL

Web Technologies:              JSP, JAVA SCRIPT, JDBC, Servlets, and HTML, XML, EJB, AJAX, JMS, JUNIT, Cold Fusion

Design Patterns:                   Singleton Pattern, Model View Controller

Source Control:                    Clear Case,

Tools:                                      Virtual Request, Load runner, Adobe Flex, Infoman, IntelliJ Idea, Shell Scripting, TOAD, Pl/SQL developer, Eclipse, Jasper Reports, ANT, Oxygen XML Editor                                                     





UML certified.

NCFM-Derivatives Module Certified

SCJP certified.




  1. Received accolades from business Citigroup, London for major contribution to Analysis, Design and Development.
  2. Received our company’s ‘GEM’ award – going the extra mile award for significant contributions made for significantly increasing revenues and growing the business for the organization.
  3. Received accolades from internal senior management for the quality of demonstrations and solutions proposed on various occasions.
  4. Received accolades for exceeding client and Polaris expectation on more than one occasion for my work and contributions in the intellect treasury product.





Project   DRF

Client                     The Jockey Club, Lexington, KY

Duration                Dec 2007- Till Date

Designation          Senior Software Developer


DRF project mainly projects the data for horse races and also publishes different magazines and news papers on different horse races. It has different category of reports regarding race details.



§         Design and develop different user-friendly reports pages to maintain horse races information using Struts framework.

§          Developed multiple maintenance screen using Struts and Hibernate and AJAX .

§          Designed and developed reports by accessing information from Database and store in XML and transform them into required design by XSLT.

§          Designed DB and developed stored procedures to fetch/maintain the data.

§          Generate some of the PDFs by transforming data from XML using XSL-FO.

§          Automated pages/reports generation jobs with Scheduler.

§          Did Migrated few PDF reports to Adobe Flex.


Team Size: 4

Hardware Platforms:  Pentium 4

Operating Systems:  Windows 2000

Software Languages: Java 1.5, JSP, Apache Tomcat, XML, XSLT, Struts, Servlets, XSL-FO, Java Script, Adobe FLEX, Action Script 3.0, Cold Fusion, Eclipse, Hibernate, Power Builder

Database:  Sybase, MySQL



Project                   Intellect- Fixed Income Securities

Client                     CITIBANK, London, UK

Duration                May 2006- Nov 2007

Designation          Senior Software Consultant


Intellect-FIS automates Deal capture and risk calculation for Fixed Income Securities for banks, financial institutions, and corporate houses. It deals with

  • Fixed Bonds
  • Floating Bonds
  • Discounted Bonds
  • Treasury Bonds
  • Asset back Securities
  • Amortizing Bonds



§        Designed State activity, Class and package Diagrams using Rational Rose-UML.

§        Developed Deal entry screen for Front-office trading system using Java Swings.

§        Developed Deal Blotter screen , where all deal details appear using JTable and subscribe to Messaging service using JMS to publish updated deals and newly entered deals

§        Design and developed Position Blotter, where risk figures are displayed using JTable and subscribe to JMS for automatic updation.

§        Developed server side logic, business logic resides using Java, J2EE technologies.

§        Integrated Front-end and server side using MVC architecture.

§        Designed Database tables and Stored procedures to store Deal data and execute End of programs where risk figures are calculated for each dealer.



Team Size: 12

Hardware Platforms:  Pentium 4

Operating Systems:  Windows 2000, Sun Solaris

Design Tool: Rational Rose UML.

Software Languages: Java 1.4, JSP, Java Swing, Weblogic 6.1, XML, JMS, JDBC, PL/SQL, Spring, AJAX

Database:  Oracle 8.1.7



Project                   Intellect - Money Market

Client                     CITIBANK, London, UK

Duration                Aug 2005- Apr 2006

Designation          Software Consultant


Intellect Treasury - Money Market GeneS is an easy to use web-based interface that enables dealers to effectively capture deal details and manage risk, confirmation, settlement, and accounting information. Quick shortcuts facilitate entry of various dates, and amounts with minimal keystrokes.

Key features

·         Instruments

o        Term Deposits and Placements

o        Call Deposits and Placements

o        Notice Deposits and Placements

o        Discounted instruments

o        Islamic Instruments

o        Back to Back deals

o        Interest Rate Swaps

o        Funding Swaps

·         Trading – Multi Branch, Quick Deal input facility, view risk on trades prior to trade conclusion, real-time update to blotters, Real-time position and Risk Management, Multiple/Multi-Faceted Risk Sheet , Live/Frozen view of Risk for Analysis purposes, Real-time MTM of position and P/L, Flexible tenor buckets facilitates effective position management, Trade Queries and automated squaring of positions and branch/customer back-to-back deals, Cash Flow adjustments by business units and operations for funding management

·         Deal Maintenance- trade amendment, cancellation, trade history, back-dated trades, pre-termination, rollover and pre-payment

·         Limit & Risk Management – Counterparty credit exposures, trader limits, historical risk analysis, position and P&L reconciliation, Factory Sensitivity Analysis, Liquidity Management, Cost-to-Close

·         Configurable Work-bench- User configurable blotters, position and risk sheet

·         Sales- Trade capture by Corporate Desk, work flow of trades to the inter-bank traders, facility to flow deals through internet and portal sites and bulk upload of trades

Operations- Settlement, confirmation and payment related information




§         Understand Functional requirements

§         Prepared Use Case, State flow and package diagrams using Rational Rose

§         Prepared program specifications.

§         Developed front-office Deal entry GUI using Java swings

§         Devloped Blotters for Trade History, Risk figures calculation using Java swings

§         Developed in Cashflow query, where user can check the position in a particular branch and portfolio combination.

§         Developed Server side Buiness logic using Java, XML, JMS and JDBC.

§         Involved in designing tables and structures in such a way that it optimize performance.

§         Developed End of Day risk and position calculation for each trader at branch and portfolio level using PL/SQL.


Team Size: 25

Hardware Platforms:  Pentium 4

Operating Systems:  Windows 2000, Sun Solaris

Design Tool: Rational Rose UML.

Software Languages: Java 1.4, JSP, Java Swing, Weblogic 6.1, XML,JDBC,JMS, PL/SQL, Struts, Spring.

Database:  Oracle 8.1.




Project                   Intellect REPO Finance Pilot Project

Client                     CITIBANK, IL

Duration                Nov04 - July 2005

Designation          Analyst & Software Developer


Repo finance project is to perform Fixed Income security operations in banks, Financial Institutes and corporate houses.

This mainly deals with

·         REPO(Repurchase)

·         Reverse REPO( Reverse Repurchase)

This module id developed user friendly to enter different REPO instruments under one Trade. It supports Open trades, where maturity date is not defined. It also contains different functionality of Rate change, which supports change of Interest rates for each leg and able to buyback the open deals at any point of time.

It also has interesting functionality of substituting the REPO instruments different instruments in a particular trade and keep track of their trading list.



  • Studied FIS – GREECE module functionality which consists of REPO, INTERNAL and OUTRIGHT Deals.
  • Prepared Use-Cases for the enhancements.
  • Developed frontend using Java swings for trade entry , setting user preferences, and Blotter for Trade History, Risk position and etc..
  • Developed server side business logic and integrated frontend and server side using MVC architecture.



Team Size: 5

Hardware Platforms:  Pentium 4

Operating Systems:  Windows 2000, Sun Solaris

Design tool: Rational Rose UML.

Software Languages: Java 1.4 JSP, Java Swing, Web Sphere, XML,JMS,JDBC, Struts.

Database:  Oracle 8.1.7



Project                   Internet Banking

Client                     Polaris Software Labs LTD

Duration             Sep 03 - Oct 04

Designation          Software Developer


Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) is a front end for initiating corporate transactions and provides reporting of customer data. This product is sold to the bank to provide banks transactional and reporting facility to the corporate customers via the Internet. This product is architect using J2EE specifications.




  • Understand the functionality and prepare Use Cases for it.
  • Design according the use-cases and Develop the web-application using EJB, JSP, and servlets.
  • Design user friendly reports according to functionality using Jasper tool.
  • Prepare SQL queries for each report according to user requirement.
  • Generate user required reports though Online or when user subscribe for those reports by using JASPER report tool.
  • Executed unit test cases using JUNIT


Team Size: 15

Operating Systems:  Windows 2000, Sun Solaris

Design Tool: Rational Rose UML, Jasper report

Software Languages: Java, EJB, JSP, XML Servlets, Junit, Rational Rose, Java Script, HTML, Struts, Weblogic 6.1.,JUNIT

Database:  Oracle 8.1.7



Project                   Intellect Foreign Exchange

Client                     Polaris Software Labs LTD

Duration             Jan  03 - Aug 03

Designation          Software developer


The FX GeneS is used to perform foreign exchange (FX) operations in banks, financial institutes, and corporate houses.
Foreign Exchange Instruments

·         Spot

·         Forward

·         Swap

·         Margin Trading

The module has an easy to use web-based interface that enables users to maintain customer account information and effectively capture deal details pertaining to risks, accruals and authorization information.

FX GeneS supports real time electronic blotters that help dealers manage exposure and profits by tracking information based on currency and warehouse. The module has the capability to integrate seamlessly with external systems (Like Reuters 3000) online or in the batch mode. Details on FX contracts, currency position adjustments and memo deals can be obtained electronically from other product processors in the form of handoff files. The system facilitates risk management by performing online credit liability checks using data uploaded from external host systems.

FX GeneS is highly flexible and parameterized. Details such as FX rate, FX revaluation methodology, Fields to be viewed on FX blotter and dealer hierarchy are maintained as parameters that can vary based on business requirement.



§         Understand functional Use-Case diagrams.

§         Prepare Program specifications

§         Prepare Interactive diagrams and Class diagrams.

§         Developed  GUI using Java swings.

§         Developed server side logic using Java, XML ,JMS and JDBC


Team Size: 15

Hardware Platforms:  Pentium 4

Operating Systems:  Windows 2000, Sun Solaris

Design Tools: Rational Rose UML.

Software Languages: Java 1.4, JSP, Java Swing, Weblogic 6.1, XML,JDBC,JMS, Struts

Database:  Oracle 8.1.7



Project                   Transfer Pricing System

Client                     Polaris Software Labs LTD

Duration             Jun 02 - Dec 02

Designation          Software developer


Transfer Pricing is the rate at which the bank raise the resources to another bank. Even if all the units in the bank are performing well because of the unexpected market fluctuations the business of the bank may go down. Using this Transfer Pricing model banks can centralize the market risk with treasury. Calculating the transfer price for each resource according the product type, tenor and etc are the concepts including in the project.



·         Understanding the requirements and preparing the program specifications.

·         Preparing the program specifications including relevant functions and different modules.

·         Implementing the Design Using MVC architecture with the help of M-Line tool.

·         Proving the appropriate validations according to the specification using JavaScript for each module

·         Testing the modules,  Executed unit test cases using JUNIT

·         Involved in System Testing

Team Size: 10

Hardware Platforms:  Pentium 4

Operating Systems:  Windows 2000, Sun Solaris

Design Tools: Rational Rose UML.

Software Languages: Java 1.4, JSP, Weblogic 6.1, XML, java script, M-Line.

Database:  Oracle 8.1.7




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