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Contingent work is the fastest growing segment of the workforce and SkillGalaxy works with numerous Fortune 1000 companies that require consistent freelancers and 1099 candidates. Register with SkillGalaxy to find the best combination of pay, benefits, growth potential, and skill advancement through our clients.

Candidates looking for permanent positions will also find great opportunities through SkillGalaxy ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to local companies in your neighborhood. Register today and find the job you want at the salary you deserve.

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Fortune 1000 companies expect job candidates with the experience and consistency to delivery great service over a long period of time. SkillGalaxy is a platform for candidates and your connection to finding the best job at a company that allows you to grow, nurture, and pursue your career. SkillGalaxy is your online doorway to career opportunities in the global marketplace.

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