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Rammohan Ramadoss



·         15+ years of IT experience in the US on all aspects of Data warehouses, Data marts, online transaction processing , High Volume, High transaction, LINUX/UNIX/Windows Server systems, Storage systems (EMC, EVA, Hitachi, IBM Shark Arrays, NetApp), Maximum Availability Architectures(MAA), Highly Available (HA) scalable solutions such as Data Guard and Real Application clusters (RAC), Replication across databases using Shareplex, Golden Gate, Streams, CDC (Change Data Capture) and Oracle Multi-master Replication. Expert in Datawarehouse applicances such as Netezza.

·         Wholesome experience in all facets of IT such as DBA, Administrator, Developer, Configuration management advisor, Subject Matter Expert, Subject Matter Authority, & Integrator while working for 15+ years combined for Accenture  and Perot Systems on technical matters pertaining to Business Analytics, Warehouses, Databases & Oracle Applications.

·         20+ clients, 100’s of Deliverables, implementation work, Production Support (24x7x365 on call), Development, Release engineering, Migration Support, Disaster Recovery (DR), Design, Installation, Coding, Backup, Recovery, Cloning, Application retooling, server replatforming and Project management work.

·         Created & Managed High Availability Production Systems & DR sites running various flavors of UNIX, Linux, Windows, Oracle, SAN / NAS, VTL & Tape drives in sizes ranging up to 100 TB. Created several robust, enterprise class, very large databases (VLDB) and very large Data warehouses running on Oracle - both Terabytes and Petabytes in size, some in RAC configuration, some in RAC + Data guard configuration and some in Data Guard configuration. 10+ years of Backup and Recovery experience in RMAN, TSM (Tivoli Storage Mgmt.), udump/vdump, VERITAS/Symantec Netbackup & EMC Data Manager & Networker Legato.

·         Coded new Oracle PL/SQL ETL, Maintained existing ETL, Executed data Loads, monitored & trended run times, and performance tuned them. Clients include Wells Fargo/Wachovia, AON, GE Capital Finance, Syniverse Technologies, Verizon, ECFMG, and Intuit, to name a few. Created high performance STAR schema based databases, bitmap indexes, methodology to drop and recreate them, histograms, gathered stats on them, used parallel processing & parallel queries and swapped partitions to ensure high availability, seamless loading & maintainability. Reengineered and Rebuilt snow flakes to create STAR schemas, FACT and dimension tables that consumed fewer resources when queried. Avoided Joins, Created database partitions & partition pruned. Implemented Purging and Archival for Oracle Apps and Peoplesoft databases.

·         Configured third party external job schedulers like AUTOSYS, and BMC Control-M to automate and scheduled jobs on more than one system and managed dependencies.

·         Strict follower of highest software engineering standards – case in point – Wells Fargo experience. People, Processes, Code & organization make CMMI 6 standards. Experienced in process driven program management using tools such as HP PPM (Project and Portfolio Management).

·         Firm believer in GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) procedures and actively promotes them. Familiar with SEC/SOXX, local, PII and HIPAA rules. Experienced with local & state governments, high tech industry, healthcare, finance, telecom, retail, manufacturing, utility, medical device maker & product development industries.

·         Varying Enterprise Solutions in various flavors of UNIX, Linux, Windows, Oracle, SAN / NAS in sizes ranging up to 100 TB. Designed and Created several robust, enterprise class, very large databases (VLDB) and very large Data warehouses running on Oracle - both Terabytes and Petabytes in size, some in RAC configuration, and applications distributed on the nodes. Used Ascential Datastage, Informatica, native PL/SQL and ODI for the ETL. Analytics using SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos, SAS Jmp, Oracle Hyperion Essbase and Siebel Analytics.

·         Installed Oracle Cluster-ware / Clusterware, Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) for volumes, Created Oracle Databases and Oracle Instances in multi node configurations for enterprises.

·         Upgraded, installed and used patching utility (opatch). Maintained patch levels. Worked with System Administrators, DBA and application architects on driving project milestones. Worked with them on the distribution of applications and nodeapps on the nodes of the oracle RAC cluster to achieve uniformity in utilization, consumption, resource demand and response.

·         Applied multilevel rollup patches (MLR) and Critical patch updates (CPU patches) regularly. Upgraded Databases. Installed OS Packages such as on HP and AIX. Replaced firmware on DEC Alphaserver.

·         Supported new releases of application by creating DDL, SQL, batch jobs, shell scripts, migrating rules, promoting them for Unit testing, User Acceptance Testing and Integration testing to various environments such as QA, System Test and PROD.

·         Conducted Performance testing and benchmarked on RAC/Non-RAC OLTP/OLAP, Oracle/Non-Oracle Application Server/thick client environments.

·         Used my system knowledge on the dynamics of CPU, RAM and I/O and product specific tools such as Auto Workload repository (AWR), Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM), Active Session History (ASH) to get to the root of the issues. Tuned SQL, Tuned and Optimized DBMS Stats Collection, created jobs that trended system performance. Optimized Histograms.

·         Performed server sizing, Reduced CPU utilization, improved disk access, optimized bandwidth to aid in capacity planning. Mapped data files and volumes to back end disk (solid state and SCSI) drives (such as in EMC) in ASM implementations.

·         Performed User Acceptance tests to adopt Datadomain backup media servers. Conducted RMAN backup and restore of databases ranging from 50 GB to 80 TB in size and versions 8i to 9i to 10g to 11g. Cloned using duplicate database commands and verified using dbverify.


Value Statement

I am an experienced, flexible, pro-active, senior DBA/System Administrator/Developer with top of the notch skills in Oracle Data Marts, OLTP, RAC, ASM, Data Guard and Replication. I am committed to delivering service just the way you would expect service from a utility.



·         Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering, GPA > 3.5; USA.                             1995

·         Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, India.




Performance                     |Oracle tools - Statspack, AWR, ASH, ADDM |

Monitoring                          |HP tools – OpenView, Perfview, Glanceplus   |

                                                |Others- SAR, TOP, BMC Patrol                      |

SAN Storage                        : HP, EMC, Hitachi

NAS Storage                        : NetApp, HP/Polyserve

Operating Systems             : HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, AIX, Windows, OS/2

Virtualization                     : Citrix, VMware, Xen,

Platforms                             : HP Superdomes, IBM, Sun 10K/15K, Dell/Intel/Linux

Shells used                            : Korn shell, Bourne shell, Bash, C and Z shell, POSIX shell, SSH

Languages                           : Shell Scripting, Python, SQL, C, VBA, Big IP Programming, JIL, Perl

High Availability               : HP MC/ServiceGuard, Veritas Clustering, Sun Cluster, Oracle RAC

Tape Libraries                   : HP VTL, DataDomain Tape Libraries

Tape Drives                         : DAT, DLT and LTO

Disk Mirroring/RAID       : 0+1, 5, 6

Network Protocols             : UDP, TCP/IP, IPX, Banyan, Novell,

Routers                                 : Cisco LBR 6509

Testing Tools                      : Mercury / ITG LoadRunner, HP Quality Center, Test Director

Web Servers                        : Apache, Weblogic, JBOSS, Netscape Enterprise Server

Mail Transfer Agent         : Sendmail, Mailx, MS Exchange

Office Automation             : Microsoft Office Suite, Google Docs, Openoffice

OS tools                                                : sed, awk, nawk, vi, cut, col, emacs, ed.

ERP                                       : |Oracle Applications – HR, Finance, Manufacturing, Order to Cash,     |                                                               |Procurement to Pay, PeopleSoft                                                                     

SCM (source config. Mgmt): CVS, Perforce, Subversion, PVCS, RCS, MS VSS, source code control.





Few Significant Clients and Projects 


As Self Employed Consultant with Corp to Corp Consulting –


Client: Wachovia / Wells Fargo, Charlotte, NC.                       Duration: 3 months            Jun – Sep 10 2010.

Project: Implement New Expense Management System using Concur and in house software engineering practices.

Project Status: Complete and Funding over.

Role: Finance IT Data Mart development Engineer

Responsibility: Use good software engineering practices to design & implement re-deployable maintainable code for loading CONCUR files onto a data mart using AUTOSYS job flows. Designed the UNIX, SQL, JIL, PL/SQL packages, SQL Loader control files, Harvest, ITG PPM scripts needed to load a set of daily files into partitioned tables. Through code managed the aging in and aging out of the partitions. Used Swap partition methodology to minimize notice ability on the user.


Client: KCI San Antonio, TX.                                                         Duration: 3 months            Feb – Apr 2010.

Project: Global Business Transformation. Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade to R12, BPM & MDM implementation, New Business Intelligence using OBIEE.

Role: Configuration Engineer for BPM, E-Business Suite in RAC / Dataguard mode, OBIEE, & MDM

Responsibility: Setup & Use Subversion a SCM tool for the above products and perform releases & application upgrades. Support the install and use of Oracle Change management suite, Oracle R12 Administration, and support the setup of Oracle Apps Configuration data using iSetup.


Client: Verizon, Tampa, FL.                                                           Duration: 3 months            Nov ’09 – Jan ‘10.

Project: Replatform SQL Server Reporting to OBIEE, use ODI to feed it with Hyperion Essbase for Receivables management.

Role: Contractor, DBA Team

Responsibility: Help implement SQL Loader scripts, database structures for Oracle 11g RAC databases and build OBIEE / Essbase cubes for reporting.


Client: Bausch and Lomb, Tampa, FL.                                        Duration: 2 weeks              Nov ’09

Project: Install Oracle 10g RAC on Windows platform and offer guidance to their team.

Role: Oracle RAC Engineer

Responsibility: Install Oracle 10g RAC on Windows 2-node platform. Oracle based Cluster running on QUAD core COMPAQ servers.


Client: Syniverse Technologies, Tampa, FL.                              Duration: 3 months            Jan - Apr ’09

Project: Regression Test RMAN scripts to certify Datadomain DeDuplication servers for backup media.

Role: Contractor, DBA Team

Responsibility: Volume test Data Domain de-duplication backup servers for their mission critical, gargantuan RMAN backup and restores, both RAC and non-RAC, ASM and Non-OMF file systems, all database versions from 9i to 11g, databases of sizes in the terabytes & Petabytes that typically take 3 days to backup or to restore.




Working for Accenture –


Client: Intuit, San Diego, CA.                          .                               Duration: 4 months            Jan ’08 – Apr ‘08

Project: Performance problem mitigation on their TurboTax Online product and Business Continuity planning.

Role: RAC Performance Enhancement Engineer.

Responsibility: Replace Oracle Consulting RAC engineers and fix RAC instability problem on their 10-node RAC system supporting “Turbotax Online”. Conduct feasibility studies for upgrade to 11g using RAT (Real Application Testing).


Client: Pacific Gas and Electric (PG & E), San Ramon, CA   Duration: As needed          First half of ’08.

Role: Consulting/Adjunct Sr. Oracle DBA

Responsibility: Offer technical Guidance on restoring their Streams based replication taking place between their RAC systems at Production and Disaster Recovery Site. At DR site, the database was being used for reporting. Investigated suitability of changing type of replication to Change Data Capture.


Client: US Steel, Pittsburg, PA                                                        Duration: 9 months            Apr ’07 – Dec ’07.             

Project: Enterprise Resource Planning using Oracle Applications and Manufacturing Systems integration. 

Role: Oracle ERP Consultant / Applications DBA / BPEL & BPM Administrator

Responsibility: Design, build, and test all of the technical architecture components/solutions (e.g., execution architecture solution, operations architecture solutions, and development architecture solutions of Oracle R12, i2 and Manufacturing Engineering Solutions. Troubleshoot and Support their replication scheme running on Golden Gate. Hardware – HP Superdomes logical partitions/packages, Cisco Load balancing routers, Legato Networker backups.


Client: Enbridge Utility, Toronto, Canada.                                Duration: 4 months            Dec ’06 – Mar ’07.

Project: Pipe Maintenance/Gas Delivery/Workflow Application performance SWAT team

Role: Sr. Lead Oracle Core DBA

Responsibility: Re-View causes for the poor performance of their application running on Web logic, Java, SAN and Oracle Database. PL/SQL was tuned, unnecessary polling was eliminated, to allow for the consumption of lesser resources on their existing infrastructure. Performance tuned their problematic SQL.


Client: UHS-Pruitt Corporation, Atlanta, GA.

Project: IT Readiness and Compliance Audit.

Role: Review Oracle Database and Oracle Applications for SEC/HIPAA compliance and Enterprise Readiness

Responsibility: Critique and Review all aspects of their Oracle installations, Support and Service levels.


Client: AON Insurance, Chicago, IL.                            Duration: 1 Year                Oct ’05 – Nov ’06.

Project: People soft Upgrade, New Business Intelligence systems using COGNOS and Hyperion.

Role: Designed and implemented the database layer for PeopleSoft Financials (primary), Hyperion HFM (secondary), and COGNOS Decision Stream and COGNOS Planning (secondary).  9i RAC database and 10G non RAC databases with partitioning and parallel queries was implemented.

2) Lead the Atlanta and Manila delivery center DBA team in the day-to-day administration of Oracle databases including security, change management, client approval, and code deployment and troubleshooting.

3) Worked with two different vendors - HP and EDS.

4) Role included a considerable amount of client and vendor facing time, coordination and work planning with HP, AON and EDS. Databases include transactional and data warehouses. These are terabyte databases (< 10 TB). Used AWR, ADDM, grid control, HPUX/HP-UNIX/HP UNIX, HP Service guard and Business Copy. Installed Diagnostic/Tuning packs, validated database installs. Applied Critical patch updates (CPU patches) every quarter for a year.


Client: Major Healthcare Insurance (United Healthcare), San Diego, CA.

Project: Oracle Applications (R12) Delivery.

Role: Oracle Architect.

Responsibility: Design, build and implement Oracle Applications based healthcare module using proven delivery methods (ADM).



Client: EMC, Westboro, MA.

Project: Go to Market and Catalyst. Support their 11i and R10 Oracle Apps running on Oracle v9i along with their Shareplex based Replicated databases.

Role: Sr. Oracle DBA

Responsibility: Support their 11i and R10 Oracle Apps running on Oracle v9i along with their Shareplex based Replicated databases. Hardware was SUN clusters, BCV and SRDF, Symmetrix and Clariions (DMX6000 & CX series), RMAN backups to EMC Data Manager.


Client: Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX.

Project: Replication between data centers and Implementation of Content Management Systems for Electronic Marketing and Web site usage tracking.

Role: Sr. Oracle DBA

Responsibility: Implemented a replication scheme based on Oracle Multimaster replication.


Client: United States Postal Services, Washington DC.

Project: Information based Indica - Revenue Protection (Performance Improvement suggestions for storage and database in Write intensive application)

Role: Warehouse DBA

Responsibility: fix problems and speed operations on their partitioned, high write intensive 200 GB data mart database


Client: State of North Carolina, Raleigh, NC

Project: Electronic Procurement System Implementation using Ariba.

Role: Senior Lead Oracle DBA

Responsibility: Implement Statewide Electronic procurement System using ARIBA, IBM MQ Series, TIBCO middleware microstrategy & informatica data warehouse in High Availability mode on Solaris based VERITAS Cluster Server environment.


Client: State of Florida, Tallahassee, FL

Project: Electronic Procurement System Implementation using Ariba.

Role: Senior Oracle DBA

Responsibility: Improve OLTP and OLAP database performance and established performance parameters for their Ariba based Eprocurement system using IBM MQ Series for Message Queues to talk to the State’s Mainframes for financial reconciliation.


Client: Best Buy Corp., Minneapolis, MN.

Project: Upgrade of their Oracle based ERP system and enhancement of functionality.

Role: Oracle 11i Apps DBA

Responsibility: Upgrade Apps R10 to 11i. Install Oracle WAS, OID and Ultrasearch.

Hardware : Superdomes, Hitachi,


Client: GE Capital Finance, Shelton, CT

Project: Data Management of Credit data and Decision Support Systems.

Role: Sr. Oracle DBA

Responsibility: Warehouse Operations – multiple DBs – GB to TB in sizes – GE Money bank, JCPenney, Macys to name a few. Partitions, Loading data, Unloading data, Archival, Strict SLAs.

Hardware – EMC Symmetrix, SUN E15K, Business Objects, SRDF, BCV, RMAN, Legato.


Client: Time Warner / Fortune Magazine, New York, NY.

Project: Content Management system implementation and multi language character support.

Role: Oracle DBA for Interwoven, ATG based Content management system

Responsibility: Design, implement Oracle backend database. Build Solaris Jump Start servers out of SunFire systems and AS5200.



Working for Perot Systems –


Client: Perot Systems Internal HR and Finance, Dallas, TX.  Duration: 1year 1999 - 2000

Project: Production Support of People soft systems. 

Role: Sr. Oracle DBA

Responsibility: People soft HR and Finance, Informatica, microstrategy. Snapshot and Oracle Advanced Replication was in play at this client site.


Client: Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), Philadelphia, PA  

Project: Redesign of home grown Enterprise applications.

Role: Sr. Oracle DBA

Responsibility: Support Custom Apps their educational testing business


Client: Fulton County Government, Decatur, GA

Project: Unified Citizen Issues Tracking system.

Role: Sr. Oracle DBA

Responsibility: Merge data from several sources onto their citizens compliant system.


Client: Winstar Telecommunications, Washington DC.

Project: Implement High Availability and Disaster Recovery for their billing system

Role: Sr. Oracle DBA

Responsibility: Implement DR, and Production systems using Oracle Parallel Servers and Sun clusters.


Client: CCI Payphones / Davel communications, Atlanta, GA.

Project: Design Enterprise Application for operational support.

Role: Oracle Developer

Responsibility: Build powerbuilder and oracle based custom payphone business support.




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