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SANTOSH KUMAR                                                                                     


Professional summary:

·         About 8+ years of experience in Database Administration / Oracle applications Dba with excellent professional skills in all phases of Oracle Database Administration Life Cycle (ODALC).

·         Worked as a team member to provide 24x7 on-call production database support.

·         Outstanding knowledge in Installation and Configuration of Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g in UNIX/LINUX and Windows environment.

·         Delivering Oracle Database performance-tuning services for customers with EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, STATSPACK, SQL TRACE, ORADEBUG, 10gOEM Grid Monitoring custom scripts troubleshooting oracle databases using SQL trace utilities.

·         Experience in regular Database Administration activities such as Upgrades, Patches, TAR support, Cloning, Backups and Recovery Manager, Performance Tuning, capacity planning, script development, and documentation.

·         Experience in using 10g features Flash-Back Recovery, Data Pump, AWR, ASM, ADDM, ASH,  Recycle Bin, 10g Grid Monitoring.

·         Strong experience in Creating Tables, Views, Indexes, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Cursors.

·         Expertise in writing T-SQL (DML and DDL) Queries

·         Experience in Automating the Database Maintenance tasks by creating Jobs and Alerts

·         Experience in Staging, Installation and Implementation of Oracle Apps 11.5.10.

·         Hands on experience with Oracle 11g, 10g Real Application Clusters (RAC) installation, maintenance & as a production support DBA

·         Expertise in Performance Tuning , Migrations , Scripting , Disaster Recovery techniques , Backup & Recovery for Oracle 11g RAC,10g RAC,9i,8i Databases.

·         Strong experience as an Oracle 11g,11i, 10g, 9i, 8i Database administrator.

·         Installed Oracle 10g RAC software with ASM & OCFS2 File system.

·         Oracle RAC Database Administration including Installation, configuration, Analysis, Design, Backup and Recovery (RMAN)

·         Good Knowledge of Installation, Configuration, Monitoring and Maintenance of Oracle Databases, ASM, CRS/Clustware & SQL Server Databases.

·         Involved in Installing, Database creation and performed backup operations on windows 2005/2005.

·         Have great Knowledge of Oracle architecture. Establish and maintain sound manual/RMAN backup, recovery procedures, Oracle Standby server for disaster recovery solutions, database security and standard guidelines.

·         Expertise in Database Installations, Configuration, Monitoring, Maintenance, Patches, Data Migration, Database upgrade, Database Security and supporting 2+ Terabyte Databases and DB Applications.

·         Implementing different types of Replication Models such as Transactional, Snapshot and Merge in SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 in OLTP environments.

·         Experience in Oracle Streams, Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), Oracle Tuning Pack, Advanced Security Option(ASO), Data Vault, Fine Grained Auditing(FGA)

·         Extensively used Database Administrative tools like Oracle Enterprise manager (OEM), DBA Studio, SQL*PLUS, TOAD.

·         Expertise with Backup and Recovery solutions including Logical, Physical and High Availability methods.

·         Following up with Oracle support on software related and patch related issues, create TARs and TAR Tracking

·         Experience in applying application patches and tech-stack patches

·         Excellent hands on experience in post installation troubleshooting, providing regular reports on the database health check, follow up and recommendations.

·         Data loading using SQL*LOADER, Logical backups using full export and DATAPUMP

·         Involved in different scenarios of OLTP, OLAP as well as DSS (Data warehouse) databases.

·         Excellent knowledge in Hot/Cold Backup, Recovery and Cloning of databases using RMAN with VERITAS Net Backup, IBM TSM & LEGATO Storage Manager.

·         Expertise in UNIX Korn Shell scripting, awk scripting and good knowledge in PERL scripting.

·         Experience in supporting multiple large oracle databases, diagnose and resolving performance, client / server network connectivity, security and database corruption issues.

·         Implemented RMAN backup (Full, incremental and cumulative) and recovery, Incomplete recovery and disaster recovery using Standby database or Data Guard.

·         Experience in managing high-performance, high-capacity databases in a critical production environment

·         Experience in Load and Performance testing of the database servers and application servers, analysis and documentation of results.

·         Knowledge on Oracle Support processes for technical requests through Metalink and other Support Procedures.

·         Comfortable working under minimal supervision and very aggressive in meeting deadlines.

·         Highly motivated, self-starter, detail oriented, able to work independently and collaboratively within a diverse technical team

·         Excellent Knowledge in RMAN, Conventional Backups, Recoveries, RMAN Scripting. Expertise in Performance Tuning, Troubleshooting, SQL Tuning, Query Execution Plans, Hints, AWR reports, Stats pack Reports, UNIX base monitoring, STATS gathering, Partitioning, Data Retention. Experience in SQL & Shell Scripting

·         Involved in Documenting Processes, Business Objects Environment Architecture, Server Properties, Sizing Specifications, Training End Users and Preparing Training Material.

·         Strong working experience on Linux, AIX, Sun Solaris (8, 9, and 10) UNIX and Windows, Experienced with setup and administration of Sun Solaris and Windows based Operating Systems.

·         Highly Analytical, resourceful and determined thinker with superior problem solving skills. Capable of creative and unconventional solutions

Technical Skills:


Operating Systems


HP-UX 10.x,11.x,Sun Solaris 2.5,2.6,8,9,10, AIX 5.1,5.2,Red Hat Linux2.1,3.x,4.x UNIX and windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/2008.


Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, Oracle 10g Real Application Cluster (RAC), 11i E-business suite.


Tools and                          Utilities


RMAN, OEM, TOAD, Oracle Management Server, SQL*Loader, Erwin,

Export/Import, Data pump, OLTP, OLAP, Query builder, Net Backup,

VB, Crystal Report, MS Access, Data Guard, Datastage,



C, C++, C#, SQL, PL/SQL, VB.NET, UNIX/NT Shell Scripting, AWK Scripting, Perl

Tuning Tools 




NetApp, Veritas Net Backup, EMC, TSM,HP Data Protector


Web Technology



Hardware Platform

Sun Fire 15K, Sun Fire 6800, Sun V480, V240, Sun Enterprise 6500 / 450, HP XP256 / XP512, IBM X series Server, and various PC desktop and servers.



B.Tech in Computer Science in Engineering                                                                                                    

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU)



Certifications:  Sun Solaris System Administration (9, 10) certified professional

                       Oracle 10g Certified Professional


Dept of Insurance, SC                                                                                 Feb ’10 – Current

Oracle DBA


Environment: Windows 2000, 2008, Sun Solaris (9, 10), Linux, Oracle 9i /10g/11g, ASM TOAD Database Tools/Utilities, Enterprise Manager, Sql Developer, and Oracle Fail Safe.


·   Experience  in installing oracle 9i/10g/11g software installation, Upgrade, Creation of Database, Monitoring databases, Creating users, Profiles, Roles

·   Involved in installing oracle grid control, monitored and maintained database on 11g and installed 10g client, IIS, for windows and WebLogic server installations for UNIX family.

·   Involved in installing and creating new databases in Sql server 2008/2005 for test /dev.

·   Involved in creating and upgrading database on dev/test/production environment in all environments.

·   Involved in creating table spaces to move database from 9i to 11g.

·   Involved in upgrading database from 9i to 11g from 32bit to 64bit on windows platform and across different platforms.

·   Experience in monitoring and managing database using various tools (Oracle Enterprise manager, Grid control, TOAD, Sql developer, Db controller)

·   Involved in applying patches to upgrade 9i time zone file version.

·   Managing and migrating ASM using Oracle Enterprise Manager

·   Configuring ASM with DBCA worked on views, Managing files, Directories and templates using OEM

·   Involved in Full, user level database Export/Import from 9i to 11g databases.

·   Involved in Preparing Backup and Recovery plan.

·   Responsible for taking regular backups including cold / hot backups using RMAN, and recovery in case of disasters.

·   Responsible for cloning database on same server using Rman.

·   Involved in cloning of database using Rman on different servers and recover until previous point in time.

·   Used External Tables to Load data from flat files to database.

·   Builded Data Mart by Designing Schema, Constructing the physical storage, Managing it over time to time, Accessing and Populating data mart with data from different sources.

·   Assuring appropriate backup and recovery procedures to meet the Company’s requirements

·   Performed and automated RMAN backup of the databases, running hot backup daily and archive log backup every 30 mins. Used Export and data pump to create database/schema/table dump.

·   Extensive use of tools like TKPROF, Statspack, SQL advisor, AWR for tuning application and instances.

·   Performed Database Tuning for Oracle 9i server including reorganization, SGA, kernel, redo log tuning, Rollback tuning

·   Involved in installations, configuration of tomcat / apache server for Linux environment. 

·   Prepare project initiation documents, needs assessments, application models and other requirements documentation as may be needed.


ING Direct, Wilmington, DE                                                                               Feb ’08 – Jan ‘10      

Oracle DBA

Environment: Oracle Applications 11.5.10, HP UX 11.11, Oracle 10.2.0, Oracle 9i/10g/11g, SUSE Linux 9/10,  RAC, ASM, RMAN, Data Guard, Golden Gate, TOAD.


·   Supporting critical OLTP databases in 24x7 environments.

·   Responsible for all DBA functions including installation, Upgrade, Creation of DB, Monitoring databases, Creating users, Profiles, Roles

·   Installation, configuration and maintenance of Oracle RAC database.

·   Involved in setting up Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g applications in a 4 node RAC environment.

·   Installed Oracle 10g RAC software with ASM & OCFS2 File systems.

·   Created databases on RAC for Production, Development and Testing environments.

·   Performed migration from Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g to Oracle 10g Release2 RAC database

·   Upgrading oracle databases from 9i to 10g, 10g to 11g.

·   Installation, patching and maintenance of Oracle 10g RAC and Data Guard on Windows and Linux.

·   Managing and migrating ASM using Oracle Enterprise Manager

·   Configuring ASM with DBCA worked on views, Managing files, Directories and templates.

·   Successfully implemented physical standby database using Oracle Data Guard feature for High availability configuration.

·   Migration of production database from Sun Solaris server to new Linux server.

·   Monitoring the data fragmentation on data files, rollback segments and performed periodic export and import to avoid fragmentation.

·   Monitored the databases using tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager, TOAD and spread data among several disks to balance the I/O.

·   Extensively used new features of DATAPUMP utility for export/import of 10g databases.

·   Wrote UNIX Korn shell scripts for implementing routine checks on alert logs and trace files, reporting deadlocks in PROD databases to ORACLE DBA team.

·   Recovered critical databases from failures with minimum downtime.

·   Compressed tables, table partitions, and materialized views using oracle compression in Data warehouse environment.

·   Assisted in testing and implementation of RMAN backup solution from SQL Backtrack and RMAN FRA (Flash Recovery Area) backup strategy.  Database backups, restores and refreshes using RMAN DUPLICATE.

·   Used Flashback query, flashback drop table features for recovering accidentally dropped tables.

·   Performed troubleshooting of database using AWR and ADDM reports for 10g and STATSPACK for 9i databases.

·   Good experience in Transportable Table spaces, SQL Tuning Advisor, Data Pump, Flashback Table, Table space Management, Virtual Private Database, Materialized Views, and Oracle Streams

·   Experience in setting up the basic/Advance replication by using Oracle streams.

·   Experience in trouble shooting oracle streams.

·   Involved in setting up job scheduling for UNIX (CRON jobs).

·   Responsible for Application Patching, Oracle Patching, CPU Patches, DST Patches, Developer 6i Patches, Technology Stack Patches and Localization Patches using adpatch, adctrl, OPatch, OUI

·   Performed Database Cloning from production to test/development environments using RMAN and renaming database using DBNEWID utility.

·   Monitored the data fragmentation on data files, rollback segments and performed periodic export and import to avoid fragmentation

·   Involved in partitioning large tables (Tables contain more than 80 million records) to improve the performance.

·   Involved in Day to day performance monitoring and tuning of database

·   Performance tuning, troubleshooting & monitoring using ADDM and Automatic Workload Repository Advisor in Oracle and SQL Profiler in SQL Server for very large OLTP databases (VLDB'S).

·   Implemented a series of monitor programs to check Database, table space growth, extent growth, defragmentation, examining row cache activity, eliminate chained rows, and index analysis.

·   Designed and implemented database security using Oracle roles privileges and profiles.

·   Communicated and coordinated with Oracle using TAR system for major database issues/problems; apply the required patches, test and roll out and implement the patches into production.

·   Worked on Large Databases of 1TB and over.

·   Prepare project initiation documents, needs assessments, application models and other requirements documentation as may be needed.

·   Installed, configured and managed Oracle 11g databases in a test environment, studied new features and characteristics of 11g vs. 10g.


Harris Bank, Chicago, IL                                                                                     Feb ’07 – Jan ’08  

Oracle DBA


Environment: Windows 2003, HPUX, AIX and Linux 4.0, Oracle 9i and 10g, TOAD Database Tools/Utilities, Enterprise Manager, Erwin 7.1 and 7.2, Aqua Data Studio 3.7, Query Analyzer, Oracle Fail Safe


·         Reviewing of database design document, providing conceptual and logical data model and translating into physical database

·         Have worked as Data modular building complex logical data models using sophisticated modeling techniques and tools like Erwin ( Erwin 7.2 7.1) and Visio.

·         Installation and creation of Oracle 9i databases on Production and Test Solaris servers. Responsible for upgrade & migrating databases from 9i to 10g, applying patches. Refresh test database from production using Recovery Manager (RMAN).

·         Created and managed users, roles, privileges, profiles, schemas using OEM.

·         Worked on Automatic Storage Management (ASM) for managing data in SAN.

·         Converted a single instance database to Oracle 10g RAC.

·         Installing ASM environment and migrating database from NON-ASM to ASM

·         Migrated Oracle RDB flat files to Oracle 10g RAC using SQL Loader

·         Responsible for configuring database memory structure, managing storage allocation, creating user accounts, roles and privileges for DB operations and security maintenance

·         Managing database instances for production and test environments to ensure strong testing environment and smooth transition to production

·         Responsible for monitoring and estimating the size of the database & growth, and configuring the database accordingly

·         Experience in oracle streams, transparent data encryption (TDE), Oracle tuning pack, data vault, fine grained auditing.

·         Responsible configuring listeners for network connectivity and security.

·         Diagnose and resolve performance, connectivity, security and database corruption issues in a critical production environment

·         Responsible for taking regular backups including cold / hot backups, Export / Import of database, using RMAN, and recovery in case of disasters

·         Automated monitoring the databases, performance parameters, backup and recovery activities by running Cron jobs and various Unix Shell Scripts in sending Email for ORA- errors, reports for Quick Morning Check (QMC), move Archive Logs to different mount point when Archive Destination is full and Resync RMAN catalog

·         Performance Tuning i.e. Tuning RAC, tuning applications, shared pool, I/O distribution, rollback segments, buffer cache, redo mechanisms

·         Responsible for Load and Performance testing of the database servers and application servers, analysis and documentation of results

·         Tuning heavy data loads. Monitoring and Performance Tuning

·         Application Tuning by tuning queries, identifying problematic code, creation of indexes, re-writing queries using an optimized path, Creation of Materialized Views and gathering necessary statistics on objects etc.

·         Configuration of server with OLTP system, runtime connection & load balancing.

·         Tuned the multiple databases for Performance. Involved in security audit of databases and servers.

·         Creation and maintenance of stand by database by using oracle high availability method Oracle Data Guard

·         Interacted with data modelers, developers, application owners for gathering the required information and resolving various issues

·         Strong ability with UNIX shell scripting to automate tasks and also in crontab and dbms_scheduler for scheduling.


Johnson and Johnson, PA         March ’05 – Jan ’07                                                                 

Oracle DBA

Environment: Oracle 9.2.0/10.1.0, 8i, 9i, 10g Grid Control, TOAD, Erwin, J2EE Application, Servlet, Swing, BODI 5.1, BODI Rapid Mart, Maestro, BO 6.5, UNIX Shell Script, PL/SQL, TOAD, Erwin 3.5, VSS. HP11iv1, Solaris, Linux AS3, SQL Server 2000 and Windows 2003, HP Integrity rx4640-8 Server.



·         Operational database support, administration, Upgradation and maintenance of Oracle 8i/9i on large environment. Identify and resolve pre and post upgrade issues.

·         Applied patches and migrated databases from one platform to another , along with upgrade from oracle 8i to 9i and maintain an updated platform matrix

·         Migrating Oracle 9i database to Oracle 10g. Installing Oracle Patch. Migrating production database to new server.

·         Upgraded databases from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g.

·         Implement Backup and Recovery solutions by using RMAN, schedule backups/restore on demand basis and making sure that database can be recovered from any media failure.

·         Performance tuning via 9i supplied tools, tkprof, statspacks, indexing and manual scripts. SGA configuration and shared pool tuning. Tune and configure Shared server to support large base of users.

·         Set up Cron jobs to monitor file systems usage, archive logs, backup logs, periodically clean up these

·         Disk layout plan for optimization, Table Partition design, re-organization of large objects, and index rebuild. Involved and wrote SQL and PL/SQL scripts, contributed in designing of Dimensional tables, Fact tables and BO Universe design.

·         Designing and Creation of BODI Jobs, Transformations and Scheduling, Running, Tracking of various jobs using BODI Administrator.

·         Responsible for overall maintaining the database and creating and making structural changes, sizing it for effective space management and data loading as logged by ETL developers.

·         Analyze, write and implement UNIX scripts and schedule, monitor and take pro active actions as and when required. Installation, creation and monitoring of Oracle 9i data guard for disaster recovery solutions.

·         Involved and contributed to developers for designing of data warehouse, Dimensional and fact tables, query performance strategy and BO Universe design.

·         Used SQL-Loader utility to load data into oracle database from external files.
Use Import, Export, SQL*Loader to load and backup data

TTG 10g Upgrade Responsibilities:

·         Upgrade /re-engineering project. Complete analysis of Database, logical and physical structure and documenting the same. Design, document, install and troubleshoot Oracle 10g instance on Solaris platform. Export and Import of the database objects on 10g database Server.

·         Preparing documents for upgrade, guiding and involving the team for 10g database upgrade. Upgrade to the Server from Oracle 8i to Oracle 10g, finding and resolving the issues involved with up gradation.

SQL Server data mart Responsibilities:

·         SQL server installation, database refresh, backup and recovery, export/import of data objects. Create tables, indexes, users and monitor/ schedule DTS jobs, maintenance plans.

·         T-SQL scripting for monitoring SQL Agent, checking offline databases, performance monitoring for SQL Server 2000 & 2005

·         Creating and maintaining table spaces, tables, indexes, users, roles, privileges and security

·         Managed archived redo files, DB-links & Partitions, loading data for users by using SQL*Loader

·         Leading the transition of various SQL Server functions/tasks from version 2000 to 2005 including log shipping setup, monitoring and configuration modifications

·         Creation of Database, File groups, jobs, database maintenance plans, rebuild indexes, and shrink database and transaction logs. Analysis, create and tune through SQL Profile, Performance monitor, execution plans, file groups profiling.



KOHLS Corporate Office, WI Nov ’04 - Jan ’05                                                                        

Oracle DBA     


Environment:  Solaris 8, 9, Oracle 9i                                


·         Installing and configuring Oracle 9i on UNIX and Solaris.

·         Handling day-to-day activities.

·         Storage and space management including table spaces and data files.

·         Monitoring Database for fragmentation and correcting them.

·         REFRESH/CLONING of Database for Development & Testing environments.

·         Planning and implementation of Backup and recovery procedures and maintenance of Database.

·         Writing Oracle scripts for the SQL and PL/SQL requirements for various applications.

·         Installation, Maintenance and Administration of Oracle for the developers & testers

·         Taking Backups on scheduled time and Monitoring Scheduled Backups.

·         Management of table space growth, monitoring data files additions, extent growth

·         Tuning the databases for optimal performance.

·         Partitioning Tables by determining the suitable methodology to improve performance and manageability

·         Remote Database Maintenance.

·         Monitoring Scheduled jobs of the daily activities for the performance of all the databases

·         Developing, Testing and Implementing Sound Backup and Recovery Strategy.

·         Performing all the Database Administration activity like space management in database, user and roles administration, schema management, checking alert log of all the databases



Platinum technologies, India                                                           Jun ’02 -Oct ’04 

Oracle DBA

Client: - Standard chartered Bank – (SCOPE INTERNATIONAL)      

Environment: Solaris 8, Oracle 8i, 9i


·         Involved in the installation of Oracle 8i on Windows and UNIX platform

·         Preparing Backup and Recovery Plan.

·         Created tables, indexes, table spaces, users, integrity constraints and supported all  phases of a Development cycle

·         Analyze and suggest improvements to SQL queries and statements written by others.

·         Responsible for optimizing the queries and application tuning. Perform SQL tuning and assist developers with coding PL/SQL

·         Writing Oracle scripts for the SQL and PL/SQL requirements for various applications.

·         Optimization of the SQL queries to meet the performance requirements.

·         Worked with database export & import scripts to backup database structures and automation procedures.

·         Day to day Performance Monitoring and tuning of database.

·         Performing Monthly Cold Backup, Weekly Hot Backup and daily backups using Export. Testing of Backup’s and Documenting backup strategies.

·         Created scripts for automating online daily backup for eight databases and for automating data loading from flat files.

·         Using TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN for the Better performance.


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