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Chuck Morrison, MBA, PMP, CPIM



“A working model using mission-driven measures in a team approach enables focus on effective solutions.”


Executive Summary

Senior Programs/Projects/Process Manager/Director/Consultant: Business Process Engineering, Software Systems Development, Inventory & Supply Chain Management, Project and Change Management


Principal Consultant, Strategist, Architect, and Leader with MBA and extensive experience in business and technology consulting, planning, designing, mentoring, negotiating, and delivering project, product, program, and process solutions. Successful track record planning, managing, and leading small to multi-site, concurrent, complex cross-functional projects and portfolios requiring business process engineering, Internet and information technology, quality management, instrumentation, and training.


ü  Program, Project, & Change Management: WBS, SOW, RAD, SDLC, SLA, QoS, PMO, PMBOK

ü  Web Analytics, Email, Reporting: Aria, WebTrends, LotusNotes, Business Objects, Exchange

ü  Quality & Statistical Metrics & Monitoring: Audits, SPC, DMAIC, TQM, Interwoven, Visual Source Safe

ü  Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and Management (BPM)

ü  Ordering & Supply Chain Management: CPIM, APICS

ü  Use Case, Process & Workflow Modeling (OOA, OOD, UML)

ü  Systems Analysis & Design: RUP, UML, XP, EUP, MS Office, MS Visio, MS Project, Functional Spec

ü  Cross-Functional Matrix Management: Remote (offshore) teams in Asia, Europe, Mexico

ü  eTechnology: TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, HTML, CRM, SCM, ERP, DRP, MRP, B2B, B2C, WebSphere, Tuxedo, GPS

ü  Software Architecture & Infrastructure: SEI/CMM, OOA/D, RUP, UML, ERD, DFD, BRD, MRD

ü  Languages: VB, C/C++, Java, Fortran, .NET, J2EE, SQL, Visual Studio EA 2003, Web Services

ü  Database: ERWin, ERD, RDBMS, MS SQL, Oracle, XML, JDBC, ODBC, OLAP, OLTP, Data Warehouse, GIS


Qualifications Summary


Programs/Projects Management (PMP): Program, Product, Project, and Process Proven change & configuration planning, access/security management, documentation, mentoring, and communication skills.

·         Planned, managed, and led development and delivery of vision, charter, scope, resources, schedule, budget, deliverables, risks, metrics, and monitoring for 25+ major projects resulting in $50M+ savings.

·         Led, collaborated, and managed teams of 35+ professionals in multiple, concurrent, mission-critical, full lifecycle business and technical projects that transformed context use cases into best-practice, practical vision, design, architecture, infrastructure, reporting, and deployment improved reliability (PMO Methodology, 100%+).

·         Managed and coordinated usability, web flows, and design with business stakeholders, architects, engineers, and interface design teams to build a great user experience for project application deliverables.


Business/Technical Process/Systems Modeling, Analysis, and Design Effective business process configuration, integration and improvement modeling skills used to define and deliver small to large-scale, complex business process components and solutions on-time and within budget (SPI/CPI 98%+).

·         Managed, facilitated and developed “As-Is”, “To-Be”, and Roadmap models using industry standards and best practices: RUP, PMBOK, SDLC, OOA, OOD, UML, XML, DMAIC, Sarbanes-Oxley, GPS/GIS; MS Visio, MS Office, MS Project; business modeling, portfolio, requirements, analysis & design, implementation, test, deploy.

·         Orchestrated enterprise architecture, infrastructure, web services, data warehouse, content, and quality models, documentation, repository collaboration, capacity models and process improvement (99.9%+ reliability).


Inventory/Supply Chain Management Expert at planning and streamlining bill-of-materials, sales orders, procurement, inventory, accounting, operations, manufacturing/production, logistics, warehousing, supply chain maintenance policies/procedures, and information/communications management.

·         Planned, designed, documented, managed material control and logistics system saving $21.5 million on annual customer forecasting, JIT purchasing, shipping, and returns (CRM/B2B/ERP/BOM/MRP).

·         Managed, designed, and implemented catalog/order and tracking solution scalable from 25K to 1 million subscribers on time/on budget (CRM/B2B/ERP/BOM/MRP).


Web Portal Planning, Design, Documentation, and QA – World-class technical knowledge and business acumen used to consistently deliver cost-effective solutions on time and within budget (RUP/UML, DMAIC, CMM, ISO, PMBOK, Solaris UNIX, Wiki, Win2003+ Server).

·         Achieved $50+ million savings from migration of 138 legacy to 5 core enterprise business systems.

·         Managed and delivered $39 million Televisa Latin America portal and content management.

·         Planned/delivered $15 million Walgreen's e-commerce site using drug interaction Oracle DB (SQL).



Client/Team-Focused Consultant, Mentor, and Communicator – Proactive, mission-driven, team-centric approach for managing, team-building, risk analysis and control, mentoring, communications, and leadership.

·         Pragmatic team player with extensive project management and mentoring experience in design, planning, modeling, negotiating, and presenting project information, deliverables, and outcomes.

·         Collaborated, captured, documented, and presented client-driven training and technical requirements and delivered resultant application systems in diverse, global multi-cultural workforce environment.

Career History & Achievements

Confidential, Senior Web Marketing Projects Manager, San Jose, CA

Jul 2008-Present

Managed, facilitated, analyzed, and documented user requirements for business/systems process improvement and migration of Online Self-Service Web Portal using PMBOK, RUP/UML, and SDLC methodologies and techniques.

·         Led End-to-End business/systems processes collaboration for Sales/Marketing, Product Development, Web IT, Engineering, and Finance in development of lifecycle framework including program landscape (Initiation, Planning, Analysis/Design, Build/Test, Rollout/Close), Roles/Responsibilities Matrix, Program/Project Scope/Work-Breakdown Structure (WBS) including effort/costs feasibility/estimation and milestones, Project Plan/Schedule, Communication Planning, Use Case and Wireframe Matrix, KPI monitoring of Actions, Issues/Escalations, Decisions, Vendors, and Risks., Programs/Projects Managing Consultant eBay/PayPal PMO/GIS, San Jose, CA

Mar 2008-Jul 2008

Consulted/managed multiple, concurrent projects for eBay/PayPal Information/Site Security applications, business process/applications architecture, and IT infrastructure/hardware platform involving Identification, definition, roles/responsibilities, acquisition, integration of GIS Metrics and Reporting capabilities.

·         Managed and prioritized multiple projects included initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure (scope, resources, schedule, quality) of projects including Archer Application/Hardware for management of KPI/KRIs (Six Sigma framework) involved in Information Security Threats, Vulnerabilities, Risks, Cryptography, and Compliance. Managed scope, resources, schedule of multiple projects needed for security/risk/fraud management of dormant accounts, personal identification information (PII), open redirect (payments), mobile assessment platform (MAP), external partners traffic management (detection/monitoring/containment: ATOs, CAs, Phishing, Cross-Site Scripting, Malware, Dictionary Attacks, etc.)

CashEdge, Inc.,
Projects Manager for Professional Services/Client Integration, Sunnyvale, CA

Oct 2006-Feb 2008

Innovative online financial applications for private banks, credit unions, brokerages, financial advisors, and wealth-management firms

·         Managed multiple, concurrent client on-boarding projects and processes including requirements capture, statement-of-work(SOW), data gathering, project schedule, resource allocation (staff levels of up to 25 technical and business professionals), and quality assurance within budget and delivery milestone targets.

·         Led and managed the scheduling, budgeting, and deployment execution of innovative online and mobile financial applications for private banks, credit unions, brokerages, financial advisors, and wealth-management firms totaling over $4.5 million.

·         Solutions for CashEdge partners included end-to-end online account opening and funding (OpenNow/FundNow), inter-institution funds transfer (FundNow) and data consolidation (AggregateNow). Client integration projects included risk, fraud, ACH, scalability, security, and Federal Reserve compliancy supported by extensive management, analysis, Wiki, data warehouse capabilities.

Pervasive Services, Managing Consultant, Hollister, CA

Feb 2003-Oct 2006

Business Process/Systems Programs/Projects and Change Management & IT Consulting

·         Jun 2005-Oct 2006: As programs/projects manager, facilitated, analyzed, and documented user requirements for business/systems process improvement and migration from Oracle R11 to R11i for Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing using RUP, JAD, UML, .NET/J2EE (OOA/OOD), PMBOK, and SDLC methodologies and techniques; transformed business and systems processes in collaboration with local Customer Account teams and Singapore IT into “As-Is” & “Should Be” landscape, architecture, and implementation framework: Use Cases, UML models, Sarbanes-Oxley, DMAIC, UAT, and training plans; facilitated ongoing training and troubleshooting to resolve/close open/pending risks/issues.

·         Feb 2004-Jun 2005: As project manager/business analyst, managed, analyzed, and consulted client requirements, design, and deployment of Beckman Coulter’s quality management system Web portal/Web services ($2 million project) for management regulatory (FDA, NSAI) compliance, auditing, and customer support operations using SPC, DMAIC, PMBOK, SWOT, RUP, UML, XML, OOA/OOD, J2EE, .NET standards, Business Objects dashboard, data warehouse (DW), LotusNotes, CaliberRM; consulted with clients to improve processes/workflows and implement risk management, communications and change control.

Results: Business policy and process requirements captured and translated into functional framework, architecture, infrastructure using SDLC, RUP, UML, RAD, SWOT, OOA, OOD, DMAIC, and JAD in Win NT/2000/Solaris UNIX environments; recovered projects and delivered within budget (SPI/CPI 98%+).


DirecTV Broadband (Telocity), Programs Manager/Managing Architect of Enterprise Architecture/ Projects Manager, San Jose, CA

Mar 2001-Feb 2003

DSL Service Provider

·         Managed projects portfolio and led teams of over 35 third party, offshore, and in-house management and technical personnel; used SDLC, RUP, PMBOK, UML to architect, design, and plan enterprise projects/systems; scoped, estimated, scheduled, budgeted, resourced,  monitored, controlled projects.

·         Managed, initiated, designed, negotiated, delivered, and closed nTier distributed business information system projects and data warehouse - Customer Premises Equipment Management (CPEM) enterprise-level system - for DSL Broadband services contracting, provisioning, Logistics, tracking, and control.

·         Led design of infrastructure and applications including bar code, pervasive and Web services; directed process integration of 3rd party supplier and logistics systems using integrated address checking component services (USPS); initiated and led functional, load, and stress testing

·         Managed, modeled, implemented, delivered, and closed high-availability, security (authorization and authentication), and capacity to ‘Best Practice’ standards within Enterprise Data Model (EDM); established version control (Interwoven), configuration mechanism, and integrated change control.

·         Consolidated and deployed backend OSS/CRM website using eAssist, Win2K, SQL Server 2000, IIS/ASP, TCP/IP, FTP, SMTP, XML, Java, C++, .NET, EDI, ODS, SAP, CaliberRM, Webtrends, Vitria, Critical Path, BMC Patrol, VoIP, Win2K Server, Solaris UNIX, Linux, Exchange Server, GPS/GIS, Business Objects/Crystal Reports.

·         Planned/monitored continuous communication of milestones, issues, and risks with executive team.

Results: Saved $21.5M in returns and material costs; improved cycle time and delivery to external customers from 18 to 3 weeks; project completed on time and within budget; improved control and reduced inventory (50%+); reduced operating complexity; improved scalability and availability using SDLC, RUP, JAD, RAD, UML, OOA, OOD, J2EE, DMAIC, HTML, HTTP, XML, etc.; saved $4 million annually in maintenance costs managing each project from concept (initiation) to completion (closure).


MarchFIRST (USWeb/CKS/Whitman-Hart), Projects Manager/Managing Architect of eCommerce/ eBusiness Architecture, Cupertino, CA

Jun, 1999-Mar, 2001

Global 3000 Web Portal Developer

·         Managed, led, consulted, initiated, modeled, implemented, monitored, controlled, delivered, and closed 3 global 3000 websites/web services - $39M web entertainment and news portal (Televisa’s Esmas), $15M Web pharmacy (Walgreen's), and $5M Shopping website for teenage girls (Delias).

·         Managed and collaborated with teams of over 25 in-house, 3rd party, and offshore professionals including client staff based in Mexico City; collaborated with marketing, operations, finance, IT executives and staff for requirements discovery (scope), scheduling (estimation), and budget signoff.

·         Researched, analyzed, and modeled requirements with ‘use cases’ for membership, content management, and security within an nTier distributed network; modeled architecture, framework, and components using Joint Application Development (JAD), Unified Modeling/Constraint Languages (UML/OCL) and Rational suite (RUP/EUP, Rose, ClearQuest, ClearCase, GPS/GIS, etc.).

·         Analyzed and proposed alternative tasks, benefits, risks, costs, and resources; determined usability,  qualitative/quantitative risk metrics needed for project signoff; monitored and drove projects to closure; researched and studied appropriate diagnostic and exception recovery mechanisms.

·         Collaborated with IBM Enterprise Architecture Team (London) to enhance Web-portal architecture models including B2B and B2C architectural and design patterns.

Results: Delivered 3 world-class websites on time and within budget (SPI/CPI 98%+) managing projects from concept to completion (SDLC, RUP, JAD, UML, OOA, OOD, J2EE, W3G, Aria, Webtrends, Websphere/Tuxedo).


DMR Consulting, Program Manager /Chief Architect of Y2K Programs, Santa Clara, CA

Jan, 1996-Jun, 1999

Enterprise Consulting for Computer Mainframe Manufacturer (Amdahl/Fujitsu)

·         Planned, directed, negotiated, and modeled Y2K Business Transformation of 138 legacy to 5 core systems within nTier distributed network for (Clarify/Oracle suites and data warehouse for eCommerce/eBusiness) mainframe systems supplier with mixed technology (COBOL, RPG, SAS, CICS, JCL, DB2, NT, C++, UNIX, NT, DEC, IBM, HP, WinTel, etc.) environment.

·         Managed project teams of 35+ in-house, 3rd party, and offshore (Europe, Asia, etc.) professionals within multi-million dollar budget; researched and modeled process flows, business logic, and data patterns for compliance with industry standards and due diligence for matrix for 138 legacy systems to be retired, replaced, or refurbished (FAST, MIDAS, PKI, etc.)

·         Collaborated with engineering, sales, marketing, operations, finance, accounting, and IT professionals and C-Level executives for requirements discovery, schedule, resources, and budget.

·         Facilitated JAD sessions and modeled architecture, framework, and components using MacroScope, SWOT, UML, RUP, SDLC, and OOA/OOD to determine business and technical requirements and deliverables.

·         Planned, managed, negotiated, monitored, and controlled design, development, and deployment of Clarify and Oracle suites for eCommerce/eBusiness initiatives.

Results: Transitioned 138 legacy applications to 5 core enterprise business systems from concept to completion for on time delivery of Y2K projects; saved annual $50M+.


Additional Experience



Self-employed Consultant, Analyst/Programmer, SF Bay Area, CA


Completed MBA; consulted, designed, delivered, and managed programs/projects for: Quadstate Corporation, Circadian Incorporated, AEA, Applied Materials, VISA, Iameter, Component Graphics, Logitech, Peak Systems, Hayes Office Equipment, IBM, Camstar Systems, Multimedia Productions, Inc., Hughes


Advanced Micro Devices, MIS Director/Production and Inventory Control Manager, Sunnyvale, CA, 1977-1988, Semiconductor Manufacturing


University of Phoenix and National University, Professor, SF Bay Area, CA



United States Navy, Electronics Technician/Instructor (E6/ET1)


Education & Certifications



·         Master of Business Administration (MBA), University of Phoenix, Summa Cum Laude

·         Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), University of Phoenix

·         Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) Certified 2006

·         American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) Certified; Past President SCVC APICS

·         World Wide Institute of Software Architects (WWISA); Charter Member

·         San Diego State University-California State University, Computer Science, 1975 – 1976, Liberal Arts and Computer Science, 4.0 GPA

·         Chapman University, Liberal Arts, 1972 – 1974, 4.0 GPA



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