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David Martin

Architect/Sr .Net Developer                                             



Ten years experience as a software design engineer, primarily in object oriented design and programming using Microsoft technologies. Has expertise in the design and development of Desktop and Web-based, Client/Server and n-tier applications at enterprise level including custom software development using Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5 (C#, Asp.Net).





Programming Languages:

C#, ASP.Net, ASP 3.0, VB 6.0, C/C++, UML, XML, Scripting Language, AJAX, DHTML, JavaScript            



MS SQL Server 97/2000/2005/2008, Windows Media Center, Community Server, Microsoft Application Blocks, Community Server, SharePoint Services, MOSS 2007, NUnits, LINQ, FxCop, Jabber Server, XML Spy 5.0, MTS, Install Shield Pro 8.0, Crystal Report 8.0, Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008, IBM DB2, .Net Framework 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5, ActiveX, DTD and Schemas, XAML.



Win forms, Web forms, CSS, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)


Source Controls:                               

MS Team foundation, IBM Clear Case, VSS.


Distributed Applications:                

(WCF) Windows Communication Foundation, Web Services, WSE, .Net Remoting, COM+, SOAP


Design/ Architecture:                       

UML, Rational Rose, GOF Patterns, Agile, SOA, Visio, Enterprise Architect, Erwin  


OS & Networking:                            

Windows 08/03/NT/XP, LAN, WAN





EW Systems Inc. Fairfield NJ 07004         Sr .Net Architect/Developer    Jun 08 to Present


Client: HighBeam Inc, Chicago IL 60601                                                     Aug 09 – Present


·      Analyzed the requirements to serve the document from content store to publisher like Wikipedia,  Encylopedia, Washington Post, The Time magazine and other famous publishers world wide.

·      Demonstrated the architectural implementation through code and design.

·      Designed a WCF service, and ASP.Net MVC based cleint.

·      Coded multithreaded application that connects to content store(CS) using LDAP and returns the xml document stream.

·      Wrote a XML SAX Parser and used C# events/delegates to process the docuement from CS.

·      Wrote a Cache Manager to cache the processed document to return for subsequent requests 

·      Developed WCF service , with various end points w.r.t. publishers, hosted in IIS 7.0 and WAS with Http and Net.Tcp binding.

·      Created client proxy class, that cache the channel , and implemented fault handling to get out of faulty channel.

·      Coded ASP.Net MVC based client to cosume the service. Created MVC controls and routes.

·      Worked on NUnit API for testing .Net App Code.

·      Used Agile / scrum methods to complete the requirement.

·      Currently working on the load testing/tracing of entire application using ANTS Profiler, Weblog  Experts(IIS logging) and enabling logging and tracing of WCF services.

·      Manipulate implementation methodology.


Technologies: C#,.Net 3.5, WCF,ASP.Net MVC,Visual Studio 2008, XML,IIS 7.0,ANTS Profiler,Team Foundation Server.



Client: Motorola Inc. Motorola Headquarter, Schaumburg IL 60173                    Nov 08 –Aug 09


Product: Astro (TMS 2.0)  Client: Mexico Police                                                     Feb 09 to Aug 09


·         Analyzed the new requirements to upgrade the existing Motorola Text Messaging System which send messages from computer to Motorola radios.

·         Demonstrated the architectural implementation through code and design.

·         Upgraded TMS both client and server sides versions from 1.0 to 2.0 for XP and vista machines.

·         Migrated the previous version on new .Net framework 3.5 and removed the existing legacy defects.

·         Modified the existing modules in C# for Address Books, folder(Inbox/Sent/Draft/Outbox)

·         Added new functionalities such as shutdown events, print templates in the application.

·         Worked on application roles and privileges by adding .Net manifest files.

·         Implemented WindowsVistaUAC to run the application on vista.

·         Participate in architecture, design and code reviews.

·         Used IMB Clear case as source control and bug tracking system.

·         Worked on NUnit framework for testing .Net App Code.

·         Used Agile / scrum methods to complete the requirement.

·         Manipulate implementation methodology of engineering team.


Technologies: C# 3.5, ASP.Net , Agile, MS Visual Studio 2008, GoF Design Patterns, .Net Framework 3.5 NUnit , Windows Vista/XP, SQL Server 2008, Application Compatibility Toolkit. FxCop,


Product: Sideline Viewer  Client: National Football League USA (NFL)    Nov 08 to Feb 09


Sideline viewer is system used by football team couches during the play where sideline cameras take the pictures (Capture Station) and send it to Viewer (Motorola tablets in couch rooms)

·         Analyzed the Sideline viewer requirements for new version.

·         Demonstrated the architectural implementation through code and design.

·         Designed the object model of Viewer part of system using Enterprise Architect.

·         Coded various Data driven UI pages in WPF using which data fetched from capture station to viewer.

·         Developed configurator part of viewer containing XAML based WPF pages where a couch can load the archive games.

·         Developed the XAML pages using expression blend.

·         Used IBM Clear case as source control.

·         Tested the app code using NUnit.


Technologies: C# 3.5,XAML, Expression blend , Enterprise Architect, UML,  Agile, MS Visual Studio 2008, .Net Framework 3.5, NUnit , Windows Vista.

Client: Microsoft Inc. Eastpointe Building, Issaquah WA 98029                                                           Jun 08 – Nov 08


·         Worked as Middle/Front end software developer as A- Contractor in Microsoft.

·         Analyzed User Management part of Microsoft Volume License Management System (VLCM) for Microsoft’s enterprise vendors.

·         Participated MS scrum teams on various sprints to implement agile methodologies.

·         Participated in JAD Sessions.

·         Created User Management WCF Service which calls Microsoft OMC and Agreement Services which serves the data for organization and vendors.

·         Developed configuration classes to read data from configuration files.

·         Worked on VLCM Smart Client XAML based Application in WPF which use Agreement, and OMC WCF services.

·         Developed Pages with different WPF Controls, Data bindings and Data Driven UI.

·         Developed VLCM Web Project in ASP.Net for registering and managing different MS vendors as Microsoft online users and to download MS software.

·         Created Agreement and Organization search module that calls various WCF services to search MS vendors, cached the search data.

·         Handled the state management part of VLCM web project including session and cache management in

·         Used MS Team foundation Server as Source control and bug tracking system.

·         Worked on NUnit framework for testing .Net App Code.

·         Developed application in Visual studio 2008 with framework 3.5 and MS SQL 2008 at Windows 2008 Server.

Technologies: C# 3.5, ASP.Net ,WCF, WPF, LINQ, Agile, XAML, MS Visual Studio 2008, .Net Framework 3.5 SP1, NUnit , SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 Rational Rose and XML/XSLT.




Beyond Innovation Inc.- Livermore CA 94551 Sr. Software Engineer                                                Dec 07 to Jun 08

Client: State Department of HR & IS, Essex MD                                                                                       Jan 08 – June 08


·         Analyzed Real Time Interface (RTI) Data to be transferred from IBM DB 2.0 to SQL Server.

·         Proposed SOA based solution of data transformation using WCF .Net Framework 3.0

·         Coded WCF Base Class Library (BCL) to extend N number of WCF services from it.

·         BCL contains creation of HOST, METADATA publishing, Net TCP, HTTP and HTTPS transportation, SOAP faults Handler, Security (WS-Security using X509 certificates, Connection to IBM DB2.

·         Extended Client, Employment and Child Care Data Services from BCL and hosted them in Windows Services at NET TCP binding for LAN and in IIS at HTTPS binding for web access.

·         Wrote the service contracts for getting data from IBM DB2 and return XML data sets to Window Service Client for LAN and ASP.Net application for web.

·         Wrote two different clients of WCF Services one as Window Service and other as ASP.Net web application.

·         Wrote a parser class for parsing XML data set coming from IBM DB2, validating it and populating it in Data Transfer objects.

·         Wrote multithreaded class for dumping data into SQL Server and sending back acknowledgement to IBM DB2 through WCF Service.

·         Coded Cached Client Credentials method for caching username/password for not* to validate each time while hitting to WCF service.

·         Wrote a (Windows Presentation Foundation) WPF utility for administrator to install, start, stop and uninstall windows services and for setting schedules to run services and getting specific number of records from WCF and changing of ports/binding methods and URLs for services

·         Developed WPF Controls, Data driven UI , dialogs and top level window  layouts.

·         Developed the above application in Visual Studio 2005 and MS Team Foundation Server as source control.

·         Wrote SQL CLR procedures in SQL Server 2005.


Technologies: WCF,WPF, NUNIT, SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, XML, IBM DB2, ASP.Net, LAN, HTTPS, TCP, .Net Framework 3.0


TEO International, Islamabad, PK       Sr. Software Engineer                                  Dec 06 – Dec 07

Client: Moments Denmark


·         Analyzed and evaluated the portal technologies including Sharepoint Portal and Community Server, for fulfill the business requirement.

·         Prepared functional and design documents using Rational Rose 2003 and Visio 2003.

·         Designed and Developed, modules for user profiles, user groups, media galleries, file galleries, forums and weblogs using web forms and  community server as Framework.

·         Used GDI+ library for resizing and cropping pictures in media gallery.

·         Worked on Session State management.

·         Developed UI layer using Master pages and CSS. Used Java Script for client end cross browser scripting.

·         Developed and implemented XML schemas using XML spy for transferring data to different networks.

·         Extensively used AJAX and DHTML on Web forms of all modules/pages of project.

·         Created Stored Procedures, Triggers, functions and Handled complex queries in SQL Server 2005.

·         Analyzed the code using FX Cop and made new rules in FX cop.

·         Worked on automated integration server (CruiseControl.NET) with source repositories like VSS and SVN.


Technologies: Community Server, C#, ASP.Net, XML, CSS, AJAX , DHTML, XML Spy, NUnit, SDK, VSS, SVN,  Rose 2003, Visio 2003



Software Patterns, Islamabad, PK      Sr. Software Engineer                                   Feb 06 – Dec 06

Client: Fuji Film International, Germany


·         Created Shopping Windows Media Center based cart for Vista.

·         Analyzed Windows Media center based applications for Windows Vista.

·         Prepared design documents using Rational Rose 2003.

·         Designed and Developed, modules for price listing, picture gallery, locations searching, payment methods and uploading media using HTML.

·         Created Plug-Ins/.Net Add-Ins for windows media center in C#2.0.

·         Used GDI+ library for resizing and cropping pictures in media gallery.

·         Developed an ActiveX component and loaded in browser which communicates with a Remote Server Application.

·         Developed and implemented .Net Remoting Client, Server codes which communicate with Media Center Plug-In.

·         Designed the flow of application as ActiveX downloaded in browser, HTML page communicates it with JavaScript, request send to Remote Server which was then communicate with Windows Media Center Plug-Ins.

·         Created web service for DB queries and for communicating with SQL Server 2005.

·         Used Microsoft Application Management Block for DB communication in web service.

·         Implemented web services securities.

·         Use JavaScript for Remote Control functionality as Windows Vista Media Center based applications are normally run at Plasma/LCD Televisions with remote controls.

·         Analyzed the code using FX Cop and NUnit SDK for unit testing.


Technologies: Windows Media Center SDK, .Net Remoting, C#, ActiveX, HTML, MS SQL Server 2005, SDK, NUnit, Rational Rose 2003, HTML



D.P.S. Inc - Islamabad, PK                Sr. Software Engineer                                   Aug 05 – Feb 06

Client: Micromerchant System Inc, NY


Project: MMS Support


·         Implemented IM (Instant Messaging) Client using Jabber server (eJabber).

·         Used agsXMPP library for C# to develop Jabber Client.

·         Designed and Developed, modules for creating users (JIDs), Roster Lists, Chat, Saving Chat history in DB, customer records using C# 2.0.

·         Wrote Multithreaded code for authentication of JIDs (Jabber IDs) and checking updates for Roster List and notification alerts from Jabber Server.

·         NUnit SDK used for unit testing.


Technologies: C#, agsXMPP, NUnit, ASP.Net, SQL Server 2005


Project: ePO


·         Developed X12 (EDI) component for electronic purchase/sale orders, order returns and price listings.

·         Implemented X12-850, X12-855 and X12-810 standards of EDI X-12.

·         Transmitted all EDI documented through FTP and deployed to Microsoft BizTalk Server as well.

·         Wrote a multithreaded parser class for reading the values of X12 price listing and order processing sent by user.

·         Used Win forms and ifragistics win grid in UI Layer in C# 2.0.

·         Coded large stored procedures in SQL Server 2005 for huge price listing updates.

·         Used Crystal Report 10.0 as reporting tool.

·         Made MSI installers for deployment.


Technologies: C#, EDI X12, Rational Rose, SQL Server 2005



Advasys Pvt Ltd - Lahore, PK         Sr. Software Engineer                                           Mar 05 – Aug 05

Client: Duke Energies, OH


·         Shopping Cart for sale Energy devices.

·         Analyze the project and wrote SRS document.

·         Design functional requirement using Enterprise Architecture 4.0.

·         Design Database using Erwin 4.0 and SQL Server 2000

·         Design and develop the modules such as resource lists, workers, workers assignments for different resources, Reassign worker.

·         Used win forms and infragistics controls on Master detail pages in C#2.0.

·         Developed reports in Crystal Report Writer 8.0.


Technologies: ASP.Net, Crystal Report Writer 8.0, C#, SQL Server 2000, Erwin 4.0








F3 Technologies - Rawalpindi, PK       Sr. Programmer/Analyst                                Jun 03 – Sep 04

Client: Ministry of Health Ireland


Project: Mail Centric


·         Implemented complete IMap Client using C# 1.0 and ASP.Net 1.

·         Used Merak as Email Server and Lumisoft as smart host client for load balancing on Merak.

·         Developed code for multi level authentication for Database Server, Web Server, Merak and Lumisoft.

·         Used Session Management in multi level authentication.

·         Used Microsoft Content Management Server for managing user contents as per user roles and rights. Four types of user, end user, Administrator, Reseller and Super Administrator.

·         Implemented RFCs 2822 and 3501 for E-messaging in Web application which was Lumisoft Client.

·         Developed code for sending V-Cards, SMS and MMS to mobile devices.

·         Implemented SMS using Clickatell Bulk SMS Gateway

·         Used MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queue Server) for queuing large number of messaging.

·         Developed a .Net Remoting Client and Server classes for creating users on Merak server.

·         Design Database using Erwin 3.0 and SQL Server 2000


Technologies: MS SQL Server 2000, ASP.Net, C#, RFCs, Merac, Lumisoft, Net Remoting.


Project: eGrants


·         Developed the complete system for “Electronic Grants” using ASP.Net 1.0 and C# 1.0

·         Used Microsoft Content Management Server for displaying different content for different users such as Admin, Panel, Referees and end user.

·         Developed module for Administrator which creates application/Grant Form for end user. User fills it and submits to Referee and Referee passes his comments to Panel, Panel reserves his decision to Administrator or owner of the Grant and publishes the results.

·         Coded huge Java Script used for creating dynamic forms at run time.

·         Used web forms as ASP.Net custom controls.

·         Developed Database in SQL Server 2000.

·         Coded XML DTD and implement it for transferring grants data.


Technologies: MS SQL Server 2000, ASP.Net, C#, XML DTD



Associate Software House - Lahore PK   Sr. Software Engineer                         Oct 99 – May 03

Client: Computer Marketing Co. Lahore PK.


Project: CMC Custom Solutions


·         Analyzed and developed a large ERP system implementing ISO 9000/9001 standards using Visual Basic 6.0 and SQL Server 2000.

·         Developed AMS (Account Management System) containing Chart of Account splits up to unlimited levels, Cash Receipts and Cash Payments, Certified and Uncertified Duties/Taxes, GL. BDM (Bank Deposit Management) is a sub system which handles pure banking transactions like Security Deposit at time of filling tender, Earnest Money in case of tender approval and Retention Money after completion of tender when product maintenance period starts. ERF (Equipment Requisition Form) is another sub system which provides information at the time taking tenders from client.

·         Coded IMS (Inventory Management System) involves the store management for company purchases and sales and Inter Office Transactions (IOTs) from main store to sub store and transfer between sub stores. The system tracks information of stock and its transfer, bad inventory and its returns to suppliers, bad sales and its returns to company.

·         Wrote CMS (Contract Maintenance System) involves between different sort of services, contracts, warranties between company and clients such as repairing products, cost estimation and maintenance duration. DMS (Demonstration Management System) is a sub system which track information of the products issued to customers before actual sale as well as during the maintenance period over which client agreed at the time of contract. JCM (Job Card Management) is part of this module which tracks information of different jobs assigned to different employees/engineers which deal the contracts.

·         Developed HRMS (Human Resource Management System) provides the information of employees and their payrolls. This system sketches a complete life cycle of employee. FSR (Field Service Report) is its sub system that calculates such as travel rates, working hours of field engineers and other worker doing jobs in their fields.

·         Created more than 200 reports using Crystal Reports 6.0

·         Developed an ActiveX control for UI record navigation.


Technologies: ActiveX, Crystal Reports 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0, MS SQL Server 2000.


Project: AddValBiz


·         Developed Thin Client Application using ASP 3.0 and SQL Server 97.

·         Design and Developed modules for Account Manager, Travel Appointments, Forums, Office spaces and Faqs.

·         Developed online Payment method module.

·         Used Java script for cross-browser scripting.

·         Developed CSS for UI Layer.

·         Wrote stored procedures and large queries using SQL Server 97.


Technologies: CSS, JavaScript, ASP 3.0, ASP 3.0, MS SQL Server 97





Masters in Computer Sciences (Session 1997-99)

Islamia University Bahawalpur, Pakistan




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