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Hire outstanding contract candidates, from anywhere across the US, through an experienced and vetted pool of over 1000 major suppliers. SkillGalaxy manages the processes and empowers you to solely concentrate on hiring the best!

SkillGalaxy gives you the power to hire onsite contingent workers based in the US, as well as hire practical and profitable offshore candidates and freelancers from India, Philippines, China and other major resource hubs. 

SkillGalaxy does not charge any fees or management costs. We bill you based on your approved time and rate and our fee is included in your contracted rate. SkillGalaxy will distribute all payments to our suppliers.

SkillGalaxy provides the tools to manage your hired contractors project-wise, department-wise, and location-wise. We provide multiple staffing services to suit your specific organization and powerful reporting tools to keep you constantly informed.

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Hire first-rate permanent candidates with diverse skill sets, from anywhere across the US, through an experienced pool of over 1000 independent recruiters and search agencies. Expand your vendor base tenfold within minutes and find the best fit for you! SkillGalaxy manages the process and empowers you to concentrate on hiring the best!

Set your price for every job requisition and pay only when you hire a candidate. The fee is paid to SkillGalaxy and we distribute the payment to the recruiter. Every candidate is backed by the SkillGalaxy 60 day, 100% money back guarantee.

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Resume Database

Candidate Resume Database

Post a job on SkillGalaxy for free, invite candidates from our 50,000+ candidates database to apply, and begin sourcing quality candidates immediately. If you hire a permanent candidate, there is no fee for using SkillGalaxy. If you hire a contract candidate, SkillGalaxy will manage the process as listed above in the Contract Candidate section.

The SkillGalaxy resume database contains over 50,000 current resumes containing a multitude of diverse talent including: Information Technology, Administrative, Industrial, Engineering, HR, and Marketing candidates.

SkillGalaxy is an All-In-One online staffing marketplace that meets the needs of start-up companies and Fortune 500 multi-nationals. Register today and start hiring efficiently, effectively, and on your terms!

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