Q: What is SkillGalaxy?

SkillGalaxy.com is an online staffing marketplace to help Employers fill their contract and permanent jobs fast and without supplier management burdens. This unique service can be used to hire both permanent candidates and contractors using a single solution. SkillGalaxy can be used to hire candidates on an on-demand basis or used as a dedicated talent acquisition solution.

Q: How does SkillGalaxy work?

Working with SkillGalaxy is very simple. Post your contract and/or permanent jobs at SkillGalaxy. These jobs become available to the SkillGalaxy approved staffing suppliers, search agencies, freelancers and direct applicants who can apply to these jobs. Employers then screen the candidates and make offer to candidate(s) of their choice. Our support staff facilitates the interviews and hiring process.

Employers can hire contract candidates through SkillGalaxy on time and material basis. Once the candidate starts on assignment, SkillGalaxy bills Employers based on agreed rate and the time approved by Employer on SkillGalaxy portal. Upon receipt of the payments, we disburse the payment, after deducting our fee, to respective freelancer, independent contractor or the staffing supplier.

Employers can also hire permanent candidates by availing search services provided by the independent recruiters and search agencies registered on SkillGalaxy. Employers must commit a hiring fee while opening a permanent requisition where they need such help in the search. Upon successful hire of the candidate, SkillGalaxy bills the Employer for the commited hiring fee which is due within 15 days from the date of joining of the candidate. We provide 60 days 100% money back guarantee to Employers.

Q: How can SkillGalaxy help Employers reduce costs on hiring permanent candidates?

Our innovative business model empowers Employers to control and reduce hiring fees on every job position. Through the reduction of overhead and time spent looking for recruiters or suppliers, our clients reduce their hiring costs by an average of 30%.

Q:How can SkillGalaxy help Employers reduce their spending on temporary contractors?

SkillGalaxy bends the supply and demand equation in the Employer’s favor by providing access to a very large resource network and offering full Vendor Management functionality to manage, control, and monitor contingent staffing.

Q:Who are your member suppliers and what skills and geographical areas do you cover?

Our members include over 1000 Supplier companies and experienced independent/freelance recruiters who find matching candidates with every type of skill set and in every geographical area and industry sector. SkillGalaxy provides access to millions of candidates in various skill-sets such as Information Technology,Management, Sales, Accounting, HR, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Customer Care.

Q:What are an Employer’s obligations on signing up at SkillGalaxy.com?

There is NO MONTHLY FEE or INVESTMENT to use SkillGalaxy. We require no time-based contracts and our service is not mandatory. Employers ONLY PAY a hiring fee when a candidate is successfully hired.

Q:How can we continue to work with our existing suppliers if we plan to use SkillGalaxy as our total agency based hiring solution?

Please direct your agencies/suppliers to our website at http://www.SkillGalaxy.com. Once registered, they can view your job orders online and submit candidates. We can also mark those Suppliers as your preferred Suppliers/Agencies and measure their performance.

Q:What quality control and guarantee does SkillGalaxy.com provide?

SkillGalaxy utilizes several advanced algorithms and submission rules to ensure quality control of all submitted candidates. Above all, our experienced recruiting professionals scrutinize and check every resume submitted by members.

Q:What is the process of signing up at SkillGalaxy.com?

Please visit http://www.SkillGalaxy.com and click on the “Free Employer Registration” button to register with us. After approval, you will receive your Login ID and Password at your registered email address.You may then login to open your job orders at SkillGalaxy and access all of our advanced features. Registration is quick, simple, and the best staffing decision you will ever make.