The Contract Supply Chain Model For The 21st Century Business World

“My company needs to expand our supply vendor list!”

“My company manages too many supply vendors and our VMS is overwhelmed.”

“My company can’t afford to pay any upfront fees.”

“My company can’t afford to waste time searching for the best solution to find contract candidates!”

“My company needs to find quality candidates yesterday!”

“My company needs a guarantee and smaller supplier management burdens!”

In today’s transitional marketplace, every company has employment needs that change faster than a politician’s position. Small companies lack the resources and capital to find the best “time to fill” and “cost to hire” solution and larger businesses require the full services of a complete vendor management system. The “traditional” job is a relic of the past and in the next five years nearly half of all workers in the U.S will be contract employees.

To meet this overwhelming economic shift, staffing professionals must provide an all-in-one online solution that fulfills small business capital realities and big business demands. The staffing model for the new economy will provide easy and efficient access to thousands of competing suppliers and recruiters in every employment field in any location across the globe. It will be results driven with no costs until a candidate is hired and it will provide full MSP/VMS services to manage the entire hiring process from a single point of contact to ensure repeat success. And all of it will be guaranteed.

Today’s contracted worker driven economy is a corporate reality and every business needs to find a flexible solution to compete in the global marketplace as their company evolves over time. Does your current contractor supply chain work for you?