Contract Candidate Search – First And Biggest Problem Facing Employers

Hire Contingent Workers and Freelancers

Hire Contingent Workers and Freelancers

In the last 10 years, contract workers have multiplied to become a dominant force in the marketplace. Companies must invest and manage a part-time workforce to efficiently produce and compete on a global scale. The employee issues facing every business encompass capital allocation, time management, and candidate productivity but the first problem is finding an efficient, cost-effective, and reliable contract supply chain.

If you rely on a small group of suppliers, you are beholden to a limited group of candidates in fewer territories with less opportunity. If your supply chain contains too many contract suppliers, you run the risk of spending all your valuable time operating an overwhelmed vendor management system. Finding a contract-staffing model for your business is your first problem, biggest problem, and job 1,2, and 3.

The contract supply chain you choose should enable your company to make decisions about vendor management and cost-effectiveness. How can you effectively evaluate cost and time management unless your supply chain system allows you to productively search for the best contractor?

What is a productive contract supply chain? A productive supply chain provides thousands of contractors competing to fill your positions in a timely fashion. After you answer the supply chain question, it’s time to customize the system to your business needs.

Does your VMS process your network of contract suppliers efficiently and quickly? Do you require a single source of support and contact to rectify all your problems? Do you expect results driven pricing and fees based only on hiring candidates? Do you insist on a guarantee to ensure the best quality candidates for your business?

Answering these questions will allow you to evaluate and find the contract candidate system that works best for you. At SkillGalaxy, we believe that employers should find the most cost-effective job requisition prices from thousands of suppliers in one single location. We believe that a VMS to manage all facets of the hiring cycle is a business necessity. And we believe that employers shouldn’t have to pay any service until they hire a worker and that all workers should be performance based guaranteed. Our contract candidate search system is designed for large, mid-size, and small businesses to find the best candidates at the best price and ensure success in the marketplace.