Not Turning Away Top Talent – Three Easy Steps

Job candidates are continuously worried about making mistakes concerning their recruiters, suppliers, resumes, and interviews. They live in fear of hidden misspellings, seriously consider the merits obscure fonts, and lose sleep over how quickly or often they can call their recruiter. But top job candidates know that Recruitment Road and Supplier Avenue are two way streets and exceptional employees are the rocket fuel that drives the staffing and recruitment engine. Top creative and skilled workers often court multiple job opportunities and landing these job candidates is the difference between a successful business and looking for a recruiter to help you with a second career.

There are three easy steps that will put your company in the best position to retain talent and build your reputation.

1. Recognition – Respect every job candidate who applies for your position by sending them a reply to their application. It often takes at least 30 minutes or more to submit a job application online and this practice will ensure positive momentum moving into your sourcing process. You don’t want to begin a candidate relationship by sharing how little you care about their time.

2. Knowledge and Attitude – In the course of speaking with a job candidate, always be positive about the position and know all the details of the position. The candidate may not be right for the position, but you won’t get a chance to look for further employment if you represent your company poorly. Understand that top candidates are evaluating you as well and if you blow the interview you will lose the candidate and potentially all his or her highly skilled job-challenged friends.

3. Professionalism – After the interview process, follow up with callback to all final candidates. The remaining job seekers were skilled enough to make the final cut and potentially will pay major dividends down the road through similar positions unless you brush them off your plate like yesterday’s leftovers.

It’s not complicated and takes just a few extra minutes to retain top talent and build your candidate reputation to ensure repeat success with employers. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort for people to apply for jobs and treating candidates how you would expect to be treated will always be a successful practice.